Checking In With: Ben Leclair

June 3, 2016

Ben Leclair is on the road again! Last year it was “Somewhere in Europe” and this year he’s got a deal with Mercedes that is taking him all around Europe once again in search of winch spots and hitting some events along the way. Each week Ben’s going to be checking in with us with a few photos and a little write up of where he’s been.

Checking in with: Ben Leclair
“Next Exit” by Ben Leclair
Crew: Myself, William Klang, Antoine Allaux and Ian Curry

For the next few weeks I got the chance to pair up with Mercedes and the Makulo app for a sick road trip all throughout Europe.

From when I landed in Paris we hopped in with tons of gear inside a brand new Class V Mercedes. We drove a little 10 hour trip to Austria for Red Bull Wake of Steel. It was an awesome 4 days of riding and hanging out with all the crew. The event was sick and we managed to find a way to the podium and we all had a great party in Linz after that!

Red Bull Wake of Steel Ben Leclair Wakeboard
Transfer to front board at Red Bull Wake of Steel WBM
Red Bull Wake of Steel
After a solid first kickoff weekend for the trip we decided to head up to Munich in Germany to search a few winch spots. Time wasn’t in our favor, since we were there for three days we only hit one spot and then made the drive up to Copenhagen, Denmark. One of the sickest city in Europe, filled with winch spots. We met up with all the crew there and tested out the electric Rewinch. WBM
Antoine Allaux wakeboard
In Copenhagen we spent a really cool afternoon on a little kicker to grass/rocks bank that made for an insanely fun spot for everyone. WBM
Wakeboarding Winching
Next up, is Malmo, Sweden so we can test out some winch spots all around the city. After 4000 km and 5 countries everything is going great and just keeps getting better, stay tuned… WBM

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