Centurion Adds Brand New Vi22 and Vi24 Boats

With a sportier, lower profile look, the Vi 22 and 24 look to continue Centurion's push in the market.

Vi22 on the lake
How gorgeous does this pink and white Vi22 look in this setting? Courtesy Centurion

Centurion continues to build upon its recent successes, and today announced two brand new boats – the Vi22 and Vi24. Sized to fit perfectly between the well-established Fi and Ri lines, the Vi line also separates itself with a semi-retro design. When you look at it, you might get flashbacks to wake boats of yesteryear. While the Fi line stands out with its more aggressive styling, and the Ri line makes a statement with size, the new Vi boats feature sleeker sides, a lower profile, and a traditional V-shaped bow.

Centurion Vi showing off its sleek lines
The Vi line features a sleeker look with a lower profile when compared to the Ri and Fi lines. Courtesy Centurion
The Centurion Vi24 throws a nice wake
But lower profile doesn’t mean smaller waves, as seen here with the Vi24. Courtesy Centurion

Built upon the world-class Opti-V, hull, the Vi is already set to create the wakes and waves Centurion has made famous in the Ri and Fi lines. With up to 4,600 pounds of standard ballast, the majority of which can be filled in under 90 seconds thanks to Ramfill, combined with Centurion’s QuickSurf system, riders of all levels and styles will love getting behind this sleek new wake-maker. We will be testing out these two new boats next week, so stay tuned for updates and full reviews on the wakes, waves, and everything else!

Centurion Vi dash
From the looks of release images, the Vi dash will share design and functionality with the Fi. Courtesy Centurion
Centurion Vi makes wakesurfing easy
Per usual with Centurion and the Opti-Vu hull, a 22-foot boat can put out a sizeable wave. Courtesy Centurion

Here are the specs on the Vi22:
Length: 22′
Beam: 102″
Draft: 36″
Available ballast: 4,600 lbs.
Standard torque: 410 ft/lb
Max torque: 525 ft/lb
Weight: TBD
Seating: TBD
Fuel capacity: 63 gal.

Centurion Vi22 above
The Vi22 from above. Courtesy Centurion

For more information on the new Vi line, head to Centurion Boats’ website.


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