7 Things Your Boat Tower Can Do

What can your boat tower offer to enhance your next wakeboarding adventure?

June 30, 2016
2016 Supra Boat tower
Today’s boat towers offer riders a lot more than a tall tow point. Wakeboarding Magazine

1. Store Your Wakesurfers

Virtually every rider’s quiver includes a wakesurf board or two these days, but their longer, fatter design can take a massive bite out of your underseat and transom storage. Get up to six wakesurfers safe and out of the way on Tigé’s Alpha Z boat tower when it’s outfitted with easy-to-use Clamp 4RCE board racks and a Surf Pocket bimini.

2. Throw Shade (In a Good Way)

Fact 1: It’s very sunny in summer. Fact 2: Too much of that wonderful summer sun can give you a buzz-killing burn. That’s why we ­encourage you to opt for Supra’s all-new rear-­facing bimini, which combines with the ­company’s conventional forward-facing ­bimini selections on the Pro Edge tower to maximize cockpit coverage, keeping you cool and char-free.

3. Make Your Boat Look Badass

Remember when boat towers resembled the roll bar on your redneck cousin Billy Bob’s lift-­kitted Chevy? Today’s new breed of towers adds a healthy dose of sleek, muscular style to your ride, and there’s no better example than Roswell’s Maximus boat tower, available on Centurion’s 2016 wakeboats. This dark beast’s winged design would look right at home on a stealth bomber.


4. Workout-Free Versatility

Most of us need to navigate some sort of low-hanging obstacles on the way to our­ ­favorite riding spot, and lowering and raising a big, bulky tower again and again can be a real pain in the boardshorts. While most of today’s towers offer some sort of weight-­canceling function, MasterCraft’s ZFT5 is still the gold standard for sweat-free function. Push a button, tower goes down. Push the button again, tower goes up. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

5. Pulls Without So Much As a Shudder

Unrelenting rigidity from your tower is one of the keys to a solid, consistent pull. Behind the simple, clean design and flawless function of Malibu’s new G4 tower is an internal honeycomb structure that combines with aerospace aluminum to create a tower that is three times more rigid than its well-­respected predecessor. The result? Never so much as a shake, shiver or shimmy.

6. Rock Out at the End of the Rope

Nautique’s new partnership with JL Audio is yielding some tuneful treats — check Nautique’s exclusive WaveFront speaker technology when you get a chance — but our favorite fruits of this partnership are JL’s new M-Series tower speakers. These 7.7- or 8.8-inch speakers project your favorite playlist farther and wider than any speaker Nautique has ever offered.


7. Hold Virtually Anything

The Z5 Cargo Rack Cargo Rack bimini has to be the world’s most versatile tower accessory. After all, the store-everything bimini is an option on almost every major brand, including Axis, Malibu, MasterCraft, Moomba, Nautique, Supra and Supreme. In addition to providing shade, the Z5 stores everything from wakeboards and wakesurfers to inflatables and life jackets. Plus, it tilts down for easy loading and unloading.

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