PAVATI Marine AX Series 2013 – 100% Aluminum

April 11, 2013

The future of wakeboarding and watersports is here. PAVATI Marine Inc. has created very first all aluminum V-Drive wakeboarding boat – the AX Series. Finally a superior alternative to the old-school fiberglass boats. Until now fiberglass has been the only practical way to make curvaceous good looking ski boats. The AX Series has three different sizes: 22 ft., 24 ft., and 26 ft.

From top to bottom this boat is 100% marine grade aluminum. Other manufacturers brag about their towers or dash accents being aluminum- our whole boat is aluminum. Stronger, Lighter, Faster. Look close at the design and construction of this combination: wakeboarding, wake surfing, and ski boat. You will clearly see the difference.


The combination between our innovative hull design, controlled ballast system, and adjustable wake plate allows riders to personalize their wake.



With extra weight and a deeper hull, our boats displace more water and create larger wakes, allowing wake surfers to catch and ride an endless wave.

Water Skiing

With quick adjustments to the wake plate and ballast system, water skiers carve through a pristine flat wake with unparalleled performance.


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