How It Works: SURF GATE

May 25, 2013

Malibu’s SURF GATE is an innovation that a lot of other people would love to get their hands on, so I can’t tell you everything behind this revolutionary addition to the wakesurf world, but I can give you a few nuggets about how SURF GATE works and the science behind it. — Danny Gasper, Malibu Boats director of product development

The Basics

First off, if you didn’t already know, SURF GATE is a tab on either side of your Malibu’s transom. When you actuate a tab on one side, it produces a surf wave on the other side of the boat. With SURF GATE, you can keep your Malibu evenly weighted, so you never have to mess around with switching ballast bags or passengers from side to side again.


Reliable Power

SURF GATE needs 300 pounds of pressure to overpower the force of the water flowing by, so we decided to use a strong electric actuator to make the tab come out. Hydraulic is great — until you have an inevitable leak and have to deal with filling up fluid and cleaning up the mess. Electric is reliable and provides more than enough force to get the job done.



SURF GATE is deployed directly through our Malibu Touch Command screen. We built in a speed window for SURF GATE, so there’s never a risk of anyone coming in contact with the tab when it’s actuated. Malibu Touch Command only allows SURF GATE to be deployed between 7-13 miles per hour, so it’s completely safe.

All Gain, No Pain

There really are no sacrifices that come along with SURF GATE. The tabs tuck into the swim platform of the boat when not deployed, so you can trailer your boat and use the swim platform exactly how you normally would.


Whole New World

The possibilities with SURF GATE are absolutely revolutionary. You can instantly switch which side of the boat you want your wave, so transfers from side to side are now a reality. Another huge benefit is that you can take a surf set right after your wakeboard set, because the boat is weighted basically the same. And finally, you can practice surfing your opposite side much more often, because it’s so easy to switch your wave on the fly.

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