Best of: The Top 20 Photos of 2013!

September 28, 2013
Adam Errington stalefish by Chris Garrison
Andrew Adams shopping cart tail press by Chris Garrison
Austin Pastura kickflip by Ian Reid
Chris Abadie front lip by Chris Garrison
Mike Ennen frontside wallride by Mike Yoshida
Dieter Humpsch backside shifty by Ian Reid
JD Webb indy shifty by Jason Lee
Kaesen Suyderhoud back lip by Rodrigo Donoso
Jeff Langley indy backside 180 by Thomas Gustafson
Randall Harris switch melon front to fakie by Rodrogo Donoso
Aaron Rathy wrapped switch heelside tail grab 540 by Josh Letchworth
Aaron Rathy pole jam mute 360 by Chris Garrison
Steel Lafferty indy tantrum by Chris Garrison
Trever Maur tail poke by Rodrigo Donoso
Josh Twelker method by Rodrigo Donoso
Danny Harf wrapped toeside nose grab backside 360 by Jason Lee
Rusty Malinoski method by Chris Garrison

Here they are, in no particular order, the Top 20 photos published this year in the pages of TransWorld Wakeboarding Magazine. A special thanks to all the photographers, riders, chase boat drivers and helping hands that made these shots possible. Sit back and enjoy what is one of the most difficult and hard working crafts in our sport today.


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