Breaking News: Watson, Henshaw to Start Rap Careers!

Shawn Watson and Kevin Henshaw to Start Rap Careers!

Mt. Hood, OR – Fresh off the press from Mount Hood in Oregon, news reports are telling us Kevin Henshaw and Shawn Watson have taken a brief hiatus from the sport of wakeboarding in pursuit of their other passion in life: rapping. They both come from diverse backgrounds and have dealt with their fair share of hardships, so what other way to talk about their struggle than through expressive song writing and lyrics. “I just want to let people know that our lives aren’t always what they seem,” said Watson. “I mean, last week I was craving Chik-Fil-A so bad and realized it was Sunday, that’s real life right there. That hits you hard.”

There is no doubt that Watson and Henshaw’s preternatural talent on wakeboards have given them hope and light into an otherwise gloomy world of oppression and violence. You might follow them on Instagram or Facebook, and their lives seem like they’re constantly in a rap video. Now, that dream is coming true. They endure hot summers in the sun and UV rays, inches on inches on inches of powder in the winter while snowboarding, and beautiful women surrounding them all the time. From Henshaw’s perspective, it’s something he wants to share with the world. “I’m just like everyone else, man. I got real problems and I finally want to let it out through my music. For me, rapping is an outlet where I can talk about not getting boards on time, stickers falling off and my iPhone dying so I can’t update my social media sites.”

Word on the street is the first couple tracks will revolve around an especially difficult time together in Mt. Hood, OR. After days and days and days of hard, trying times in the snow-filled mountains of the Northwest, Watson and Henshaw seem determined to relate to the rest of the world about the trials and tribulations of a three-week winter vacation. "Snow is cold, and sometimes life is too," said Watson via a wireless Skype interview from the winter lodge where he and Henshaw have been slumming it. "People need to understand all this stuff we go through on a day-to-day basis. We think we can do that better with our rap than we could with our wakeboards. We're tired of people seeing us as poster boys for sunscreen and light beer... We want to be music boys, too! And maybe eventually get into acting!"

"Hell yeah, triple threats son!" added Henshaw.

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.