Malibu Raises The Bar Yet Again

October 14, 2015

Introducing more new boats and features than ever before in the history of towboats, including the all-new 25 LSV, our biggest boat ever; our Integrated Surf Platform, designed to deliver the ultimate watersports experience; our hydraulic Power Wedge II hydrofoil, which changes everything; the revolutionary new Surf Band wrist remote; the all-new 20 VTX, the crossover king; and much more.

Loudon, TN | October 13, 2015 — Malibu is known for being the most innovative company in the history of the watersports industry, with a long honor roll of cutting-edge catalysts. We shifted the market from direct-drive boats to high-performance V-drive boats, and we introduced the first wake-specific hull; the first onboard computer system, in 1993; the ingenious Power Wedge, in 2006; an entirely new brand, Axis Wake Research, which has now taken the industry’s #4 market-share position; the revolutionary Surf Gate, in 2012; the best-selling watersports towboat of all time, the Wakesetter 23 LSV; and, in 2015, the bigger, hydraulic Power Wedge II hydrofoil, the dual-touchscreen Command Center, and the gold-standard G4 Tower.

Year after year, Malibu sells more watersports boats than anyone else. In seven short years, we’ve gone from being second in market share to being far and away the leader, with roughly one-third of the U.S. market. But all of this success isn’t because we’re lucky. It’s because we focus on our customers, listen to their feedback, and always work to improve and develop products that meet the needs of our customers where it matters: on the water. It’s why our industry-changing innovations, incredible versatility, and ideal mix of performance and pleasure lead the pack. Our competition simply can’t keep up.


For 2016, every boat is better than ever, but a few things have us especially excited: the all-new 25 LSV, which just pulled Malibu’s Evolution Pro finale in Houston, is incredible; our Integrated Surf Platform delivers the ultimate watersports experience; our hydraulic Power Wedge II hydrofoil changes everything; our Surf Band wrist remote puts riders in control of their wakes and waves; the new 20 VTX redefines the ski/ride/surf category; and the list goes on.


Go bigger than ever before with the massive new Wakesetter 25 LSV. Every pro athlete who’s shredded behind this 25-footer says it kicks up what are unmistakably the biggest, cleanest wakes and waves they’ve ever experienced, bar none. In fact, Malibu riders Jeff Langley and Brian Grubb laid claim to this monster after their first day out, unable to stop raving about its ultimate wake and unbelievable wave. Thanks to our engineering and design teams, the gigantic proportions compromise nothing when it comes to performance. Malibu has cracked the code; you don’t have to sacrifice performance in a big boat ever again. Agile on the water, the 25 LSV handles like a dream, plus it can easily haul 19 people, with plenty of room for everything else.


Malibu CEO Jack Springer is thrilled to launch this outstanding new performance towboat. “The Wakesetter 25 LSV has been nothing but exceptional since the very first day we put it on the water,” says Springer. “It just blows people’s minds. This is unquestionably the most versatile, highest-performing 25-footer on the market, and it has everyone tremendously excited. Our athletes have been raving about it, and the feedback from all of the athletes at our recent Evolution Pro event was over the top with accolades. One of the fantastic characteristics about this boat is that the wakes and waves straight out of the box are far superior to many other boats loaded with ballast bags throughout.”

Every new or redesigned boat Malibu makes is built from the hull up to be incomparably versatile on the water and to deliver multisport capability at the highest level. Our customers want to be able to maximize their performance in several watersports, so we build our boats to allow you to reach your full potential in wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Not one of our Wakesetters is one-dimensional or designed for a single purpose.



When you’re in a Malibu, the sum is indeed greater than its parts… And when the parts are all revolutionary, industry-changing innovations, you get Malibu’s peerless Integrated Surf Platform—or ISP for short. Since 2012, when we introduced our revolutionary Surf Gate system, Malibu has offered much more than a commodity, like our competitors. Instead, we’ve given our customers a comprehensive, integrated platform unequaled in performance, innovation, customization, and adjustability. Malibu designs and builds everything on a platform, with an eye on the future, to ensure total, seamless integration of innovations.

What do you want to do behind the boat? Whatever it is, Malibu’s ISP has got you covered.

The ISP is composed of a number of Malibu’s unique industry firsts, including our advanced performance hulls, specifically tailored to each model; model-specific swimboards; our Quad Hard-Tank Ballast system and automated Plug ’n’ Play ballast; our model-specific, hydraulic Surf Gate wave-creation technology; and our new Surf Band wrist remote, which allows you to control every aspect of your wakes and waves… while you ride them. And then there’s the incredible customization of Malibu’s hydraulic Power Wedge II, a patent-protected proprietary hydrofoil that absolutely no one else can offer you. There’s no question that Malibu’s ISP is truly the only totally integrated platform in the world of watersports towboats.



Our exclusive, patent-protected Power Wedge II hydrofoil—now with hydraulic actuators—is another evolutionary leap and the greatest thing to happen to watersports since Surf Gate.

Compared with the original Power Wedge, the bigger, more versatile, hydraulic Power Wedge II features a larger foil, with a 21 percent surface-area increase, equating to an additional 300 pounds of ballast, for a total of 1,500 pounds of wake-creating water displacement. On top of this massive boost, a new upward angle radically increases lift, allowing the driver to get a fully loaded boat planing much faster, saving you time and gas money. The more symmetrical wake that the Power Wedge II hydrofoil creates is also taller, longer, and cleaner.

Legendary wakeboarder and Malibu Pro Team athlete Phil Soven says, “Malibu has literally changed everything—again—with the Power Wedge II. The performance is unprecedented. Nothing else out there can touch it. Every time I go out, whether I’m driving or riding, I’m still amazed at how technologically advanced the boats are. As a veteran pro who loves the sport and wants to see it thrive, there’s nothing like being a part of the company that dominates and drives innovation across the industry to such an incredibly high degree that they’re in a league all their own. There is no competition. Malibu’s on another level.”


Welcome to the future: make any wave you want—while you surf it. With the introduction of our exclusive, patented Surf Band wrist remote, Malibu changes the game yet again. Just strap the buoyant, hi-viz Surf Band to your wrist and tap its simple, intuitive interface to take command of all aspects of your endless wave, while Command Center alerts let the driver know what you’re up to. If you’re surfing, you’re in control, remotely dialing in the perfect wave with our Surf Gate and Power Wedge II hydrofoil. Get inside the curl or hang back 20-plus feet. It’s your wave; fine-tune it any way you want. And if you’re wakeboarding, the Surf Band lets you take charge as well, controlling the Power Wedge II and your speed as you ride.


World-class slalom flats, unbelievably massive surf waves, and huge wakes—all with one boat? Yes. Grab your family and friends and head out to ski, ride, and surf with equally epic results behind the completely new 2016 Wakesetter 20 VTX, the crossover boat the pros are raving about. The all-new 20 VTX exceeds every expectation by pulling off this competition-crushing trifecta, especially for a boat its size. From slalom master Thomas Degasperi to wake hero Phil Soven to surf genius Brian Grubb, these Malibu watersports champions can’t believe the unequaled versatility and performance of this do-it-all dream boat. One boat, three sports, zero compromises—that’s the all-new Wakesetter 20 VTX.


Malibu always delivers innovative features that no other company can offer. For 2016, we bring you exclusive upgrades galore. Our fantastic new Monsoon engine lineup, with engine blocks produced by Ford, turn the torque way up. At the helm, you’ll find a new power-adjustable seat and a new and improved windshield design. We’ve increased safety yet again with a new rear-view camera, so you can always keep an eye on what’s happening behind the boat. Our new drain-plug sensors are another upgrade designed to protect your investment. To help you capture your fun and share it, transoms can now be outfitted with action-camera mounts. Increasing your comfort, interiors now feature new ultrapremium upholstery, and Deckadence carpet and soft-grip flooring are now available.

And the list goes on: more hoop-color options for the G3.2 Tower, a larger phone holder, and phone profiles via Bluetooth are standard. Upgrade options include the new hydraulic Surf Gate with Surf Band wrist remote, the gold-standard G4 Tower, the hydraulic Power Wedge II hydrofoil, and G-Force Wet Sounds speakers, as well as fender locks, 300% brighter underwater lights, new colors to choose from for your gel coat and vinyl, and the Sport Dash’s intuitive analog control dial for the Surf Gate, Power Wedge II, speed, and stereo. And if you go big with the 25 LSV, you can enjoy USB outlets in the cockpit and a reversible WakeView rear bench.




CONTACT: Mike Quinlan, [email protected](865) 458-5478

ABOUT MALIBU: _Malibu Boats is the world’s largest manufacturer of watersports towboats, known for leading the industry with the highest quality and revolutionary innovations, including __the first onboard computer system in 1993, the ingenious Power Wedge hydrofoil in 2006 (completely redesigned in 2014), the industry’s first wake-maximizing hull in 2000, and Surf Gate, the innovation that changed the face of wakesurfing forever, in 2012. Malibu markets the Wakesetter and Response models—as well as the Axis Wake Research brand—through a worldwide dealer network. With some 450 employees and three manufacturing facilities, in California, Tennessee, and Australia, Malibu builds boats to help you live a #lifewithoutlimits on the water._


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