Centurion Boats has revealed the 2016 Ri237, a World Championship Towboat poised to impress even the most discriminating water sports boat buyer with dominant performance, ambitious design and inspired craftsmanship._ (Merced, CA) -_ A relentlessly innovated 23-foot 7-inch water sports boat, the new 2016 Ri237 is the next level in World Championship Towboat performance, design and craftsmanship. The Ri237 furthers this storied performance with a newly designed Deep-v Hull pushed by GM Gen 5 direct injection power from PCM with C-Force. Dominant performance continues with the seamless integration of Centurion's signature wake enhancement technology. The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) and the Asymmetric Wing fine-tune the shape of your wakes and waves with a touch. RAMFILL Ballast fills in 45 seconds to create huge walls of water, while QuickSurf Pro can move your surf wave from side to side in as little as 2 seconds behind a level boat. The Ri237's form follows its function with an ambitiously designed exotic sports car exterior featuring a one-of-kind modified v-bow, uniquely shaped body lines and a stylized transom that is as handsome as it is hangout-ready. Luxury interior accommodation like a 3-position Slide Seat and patent pending Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision technology make days on the water in this Centurion last even longer. Inspirational is the only way to describe the level of craftsmanship applied to the Ri237. From the resiliently soft Comfort Strong vinyl to the GORE® TENARA® Thread made by GORE-TEX® holding it in place to the artistically applied gel coat to the quiet unibody construction is all built on, the Centurion Ri237 is a new generation of World Championship Towboat. Contact your local Centurion Boats Dealer today to schedule your encounter with performance, design and craftsmanship relentlessly innovated in the 2016 Ri237. Learn more about the 2016 Centurion Ri237.Important Links Centurion Ri237 Web Page Centurion Ri237 Video Ri237 Content Gallery Centurion Boats Web Site Centurion Boats Instagram Centurion Boats Facebook Centurion Boats TwitterAbout Centurion Boats: Centurion boats are relentlessly innovated World Championship water sports vessels of dominant performance, ambitious design and inspired craftsmanship achieved through experienced integrity. Log on towww.centurionboats.com and locate your nearest Centurion Boats Dealer to experience World Championship Towboats relentlessly innovated.About Correct Craft: Celebrating 90 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. Correct Craft holds a controlling interest in Centurion, Nautique, Supreme, Bass Cat and Yar-Craft boat companies, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit www.correctcraft.com. To learn more about Centurion and its complete product line, visit www.centurionboats.com.***
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