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August 3, 2015

Looking for a clothing brand that is driven by passionate wakeboarders? Well, the crew at ELEVATED clothing have no shortage of passion. Learn their story and check out their 2015 clothing line!

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It’s been refreshing to see the wake scene back on the rise these past couple of years. The industry is thriving again, and now more than ever, new athletes are hitting the water, testing new boats, new product, and new cable parks while getting a healthy dose of the culture we all love. And in this revival, it’s all the more important to support the industry and the community at every turn. Indeed we all have a duty to keep kids stoked, keep the events popping off, and overall just grow the scene in a fresh new way.

We at ELEVATED have been wholeheartedly working to do just that. As a brand, we dedicate ourselves to supporting the wake industry from the ground up. We’ve been around for a handful of years, starting our roots in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest MT, and moving our hub to Los Angeles, CA in order to expand production. But for the past 4 years we’ve been privileged to really sink our teeth into this industry and gradually play a larger role. Our motto has always been to encourage our fans to Live Life to the Fullest, and pursue their passions. And if we get to help wakeboarders continue to do just that, then we view our job as a continual success.

We’ve made a point to sponsor athletes and events around the country and world (from grass-roots community driven programs, all the way to the pro level). It’s these events, and these athletes, who are out pushing the brand and developing the identity of ELEVATED. While we’re ever-changing and ever-expanding, the thing that remains consistent- our Attention to Detail, the Quality of our Products, and the Chill Kids who make up our Lifestyle.


With new growth and expansion, this Summer has been an incredibly productive one, and we’re proud to bring you ELEVATED‘s New Summer ’15 Line. You’re invited to explore our new line of products and what we’ve been up too at

We are more stoked than ever on the response, as well as the style we get to put out, and you can check out new designs that we’re consistently adding each week throughout the summer months to keep you looking fresh.

But you aren’t interested in just checking out a link and moving on. Like all of us, you want to really know the brands you wear, and feel a sense of identity with them. And we want you to fully grasp who we are, so that when you see us at a local event, when you meet one of our athletes or reps at a cable park, and when you pull our shirt out of the closet to once again wear the most Comfortable Shirt You’ve Ever Owned, you feel like you belong to something bigger. So give us a moment to divulge who we are, and allow you to begin to own our story and the concept that is ELEVATED.


Aside from being a brand that produces some of the sickest wake wear, ride shirts, and clothing, we work hard to be a company that gives back in every way we can. Our athletes and fans mean the world to us, and all of those who rep us play a vital role in defining us. Our members spend their summers spreading the word, running events, and establishing pockets of shred culture wherever they are, bringing something fresh, new, and underground to the table.

Aside from deeply rooting ourselves in America, We have a large focus on international expansion this year. We just officially opened up ELEVATED Australia in July, and are aiming for a more dominating presence in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Canada by the end of the year. We’ve got stores in places like over in the Czech Republic and at home we are working closely with your favorite cableparks and boardshops to bring our gear to your doorsteps.

We view local shop success as our success, and you could say that the same mentality goes for our athletes. We’re a growing brand and always learning, applying, and participating in new ways, but at the end of the day we really want to take care of our core athletes who are stoked on the brand and who have played a huge part in growing and spreading the word. In essence, we’re a Rider, and Ride Culture, driven company and we’re here to have a lasting impression.


We’ve been blessed to work with other influential companies like Wakewell, which is having a hugely positive impact on the wake culture, giving athletes a way to form new community and share God’s love with one another in a way that makes this industry feel a little bit smaller and a little bit closer. We also do a lot with Collegiate Wakeboarding and owe a huge thank you to Empire Wake for inviting us into so many of their events each year, where we get to hang and mingle with new collegiate athletes and work closely with College Wake Clubs to design custom tees, hoodies, tanks, and hats.

ELEVATED as a brand is growing like crazy, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll be a dominant force for years to come; Always focused on the athletes, always focused on our style. We want you to be a part of ELEVATED, and we’d be pumped for you to join us. We exist for you, the rider, and we’re striving for you to make us your favorite brand. It’s riders like you who make us what we are, and what we will be.

One last thing. If you’ve ever seen us at an event, or already ordered from us, then you’ve seen that our aim is to gives generously, go the extra mile with the quality of our products, and support our customers and the wake community in every way we can. That being said, we’ll be running a HUGE giveaway campaign through Wakeboarding Mag in the coming weeks, and would love to see you all get hooked up. So keep your eyes open and lets get you rocking the most comfortable product you could ever own.


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