Cory Teunissen wins Janesville PWT Stop!

August 2, 2015

Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour in Janesville Wraps up with Cory Teunissen Winning Men’s Professional Wakeboarding, Landing First Ever Wake-to-Wake 1080 and a Breakthrough Moment Award**** 

**Harley Clifford Wins Overall 2015 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour Title



JANESVILLE, Wisc. (August 1, 2015) — The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour at Traxler Park opened up the competition day to waterski demos and the National Anthem from The Rock Aqua Jays, clear skies, warm temperatures, smooth waters and large crowds that lined the beach and bleachers.  World class athletes from more than five countries came to compete for podium spots and the largest purse in tour history.  Australia’s Cory Teunissen and Supra Boats team rider ultimately won the show, landing the first-ever wake-to-wake 1080 in a contest, a backside 720, heelside 900 and two mobe 5’s.  Teunissen’s 1080 also won him the breakthrough moment award, and $4,000.  Harley Clifford took home the overall champion title of the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour.

The titanic wakes of the Supra Boats’ SE550 launched riders into the air, making competition extra intense with the best athletes around the globe continuously turning the heat up.  The Men’s Professional Wakeboarding division held its quarter and semi-finals early in the afternoon, whittling down the 18 riders, to 9 and finally to six for the grand finale.

Moving on from heat one in the quarter-finals was Shota Tezuka (JPN), Teunissen (AUS) and Phillip Soven (USA).  Heat two rippers were Mike Dowdy (USA), Massi Piffaretti (ITA) and Noah Flegel (USA).  In the final of three heats, riders who advanced in were Clifford (AUS) in first, Tony Iacconi (AUS) in second and Josh Twelker (USA) in third.


Throwing down on the course first for the semi-finals was Twelker, followed by Tezuka and Teunissen in heat one of three.  All had great passes, but Tezuka and Teunissen edged Twelker out for a chance at a spot in the finals.  In heat two, Dowdy and Flegel moved on, along with Clifford and Soven of heat three.

It was the most gut-wrenching final heat of the season, filled with intense emotions and the pros rode for broke.  Each competitor had two runs and could only fall once, or they were done.  All six riders fell on their first passes, having to then make up the points in the second run – it was anyone’s podium at that point.

On the second set of runs, Teunissen was the only one out of the six athletes who stood up the entire two passes.  Soven, who turned pro in 2000 when he was 10 years old, fell on his way to the end of pass one and broke the podium spot.  Teunissen would take gold this run in first place with 96.00 points, followed by Clifford in second with 82.67 points, and Tezuka in third with 78.33 points.


“I’m stoked to win.  I didn’t have a good week coming it, as I spent most of it off the water and not riding,” said Teunissen.  “The way it played out and I ended up riding, I am just so happy.  I stuck a 1080, which is the first one ever done in an actual contest pass which is huge!”

Clifford, who placed first at three other tour stops, ultimately won the entire tour.  “Every year we all come in knowing that the Pro Tour is the biggest thing ever.  Today’s riding wasn’t the best; I’ve been hurt the past two weeks and today was the first time riding since then.  I had an unfortunate fall and missed the win here in Janesville, but I’m happy!”

Traxler Park was the fourth and final stop around the United States for the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour event series.  Other stops included Texas, Georgia and California.


The Supra SE550 is the official tow boat for the elite tour because of its clean, consistent and massive wakes.  The Supra Boats’ wakes are expected to push pros to new levels while preserving strict handling and a balanced ride for the driver and judges in the boat. The 2015 Supra Boats are powered with the high-torque 6.2L Roush Charged Raptor  by Indmar.

Tour sponsors include Supra Boats, KIND Snacks, Indmar, Roswell, Boatmate, JL Audio, Wakeboarding Magazine, CWB, Ronix, Contour, Epiphone, Zero Off, Acme Propellers, AO Coolers, PTM Edge, Connect A Dock and Yamaha Generators.

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Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Quarter-Finals (Riders in Bold Advance)

Heat 1

**1. Shota Tezuka 88.00

2. Cory Teunissen 86.33

3. Philip Soven 75.00

**4. Daniel Powers 55.67

5. Steel Lafferty 50.00

6. Gunnar Shuler 41.67

Heat 2

**1. Mike Dowdy 94.00

2. Massi Piffaretti 91.67

3. Noah Flegel 85.67**

4. Tony Carroll 80.33

5. Damien Adam 75.67

6. Christian Primrose 71.00

Heat 3

**1. Harley Clifford 91.67

2. Tony Iacconi 88.67

3. Josh Twelker 86.00**

4. Austin Hair 80.00

5. Parker Siegele 77.67

6. Ian Cole 55.00

**Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Semi-Finals (Riders in Bold Advance)

**Heat 1

1. Shota Tezuka 92.00

2. Cory Teunissen 90.00

3. Josh Twelker 57.33

Heat 2

**1. Mike Dowdy 94.00

2. Noah Flegel 92.33**

3. Tony Iacconi 51.00

Heat 3

**1. Harley Clifford 91.33

2. Phillip Soven 89.67**

3. Massi Piffaretti 87.00

**Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Finals

**Heat 1

1. Cory Teunissen 96.00

2. Harley Clifford 82.67

3. Shota Tezuka 78.33

4. Noah Flegel 59.00

5. Mike Dowdy 51.67

6. Phillip Soven 20.00


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