Meet the 25 LSV: Exclusive Sneak-Peek Video with Jeff Langley

June 30, 2015

GET READY! The new 25 LSV is going to turn heads and blow minds. Malibu was kind enough to give us an in-person glimpse of the all-new 25 LSV, and it completely lives up to the hype — but we’ve already said too much. Let’s let Jeff Langley take it from here:




Catch a sneak-peek of the massive new Wakesetter 25 LSV and get ready for the ultimate wake.**** 

Loudon, TN | June 29, 2015 — Looking for the ULTIMATE wake and a huge, barreling surf wave? The wait is almost over. The official release of Malibu’s new Wakesetter 25 LSV is still a few weeks away, but we couldn’t resist giving you a teaser of our newest wake and wave machine. Every Malibu athlete who shredded behind this massive 25-footer at our 2016 photo shoot said this brand-new beast kicks up what are unmistakably the biggest, cleanest wakes and waves they’ve ever experienced. Never has there been so much anticipation and athlete excitement around a boat release.

Check out the video and enjoy a quick, fun edit of Jeff Langley’s epic first day behind the 25 LSV, then stay tuned for a new full-reveal video to drop on July 7 –


Malibu’s Wakesetter 25 LSV will officially release at the end of July.

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ABOUT MALIBU: Malibu makes the world’s best-selling, most innovative, and most versatile watersports towboats, with a global market share of more than 50 percent. Malibu sells the Wakesetter and Response models—as well as the Axis Wake Research brand—through a global dealer network. With some 450 employees and three manufacturing facilities, in California, Tennessee, and Australia, Malibu builds boats to help you live a #lifewithoutlimits on the water.


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