Nautique Wake Series Wraps Up Season With Finale At Nautique Wake Open

Four Exciting Days Bring Amateurs and Pros Together for Sizzling On-the-Water Action

Orlando, Fla. (Aug. 24, 2014) — The final day of the Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar went out with a bang as riders competed behind the monstrous wakes of the Super Air Nautique G21 and G23.  Wakeboarders and Wakeskaters from the Jr. Pro Men’s, Men’s Professional, Professional Wakeskate and Women’s Professional divisions gave it their all to be crowned champions at the Orlando Watersports Complex. Brian Grubb (USA), Harley Clifford (AUS), Meagan Ethell (USA) and Parker Siegele (AUS) wrapped up the Nautique Wake Series Overall Titles in their respected divisions. The Nautique Wake Open is the fourth and final stop of the Nautique Wake Series, and seventh stop on the elite King of Wake series.

The Jr. Pro Men’s finals of the Nautique Wake Open hit the water early this morning behind the Super Air Nautique G23. Six of the top 18-year-old and under riders took full advantage of pristine conditions and power from the PCM Marine Engine to step it up. Using the Jr. Pro division as a developmental league of wakeboarding, these riders know how to ride. Tons of mobe 5 variations, big spins and unique airs were common amongst the young rippers.


Newcomer, James Loisel (USA) set the bar high with a massive toeside backside 540 and KGB 540; however, fell just short of the podium when the ‘guppy’ Jason Soven (USA) came knocking at the door. While Soven and Loisel were busy battling it out for the third place spot, Parker Siegele (AUS) and Cory Teunissen (AUS) where in a league of their own, each having toeside frontside 900s, heelside frontside 720s and mobe 5s that would even get the pros shaking in their boots. When the results came over, it was Teunissen whom edged out Siegele for the victory.  Siegele took the title of the Nautique Wake Series – Jr. Pro Men’s overall, followed by Gunner Daft (USA) and Mac Schramm (USA).

In the Pro WakeSkate finals, a points race for the Nautique Wake Series overall title was closer than any other division. Brian Grubb (USA) had 290 points and Reed Hansen (USA) with 280 points right behind him coming into the event. With tons of overall prize money on the line, Grubb and Hansen let it all hang out, absolutely gunning for the win. With a few uncanny falls from the points leaders and unreal tricks from long-time wakeskate legend, Danny Hampson (USA), the podium would reign: Danny Hampson – first, Brian Grubb – second, and Reed Hansen – third. Grubb would hang onto the top spot of the Nautique Wake Series overall title, with Hansen and Hampson in second and third respectfully.

Pro Women’s finals featured Nautique team rider, Meagan Ethell, back at the top of her game. The 2014 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Champion, Melissa Marquardt and 2013 WWA Wakeboard World Champion, Dallas Friday, put some heat on Ethell; however, she was comprised and almost flawless, leaving the podium as Megan Ethell – 1st, Melissa Marquardt – 2nd, and Dallas Friday – 3rd. Ethell would also win the overall title from the Nautique Wake Series with Amber Wing (AUS) in second and Friday in third.


Six of the gnarliest and heavy hitting riders in the event were summoned to put their bodies on the line during the CONTOUR Big Air Kicker contest. The boat, traveling around 28 MPH, would tow riders over the kicker while they cut n’ jump. Heelside Backside 720 from Dean Smith (AUS) Tail Backside 360 from Aaron Rathy (CDN) and 100’ Indy Glide from Chad Sharpe (CDN) put first, second and third as Smith, Sharpe and Rathy.

“I got some magazine quality shots today during the CONTOUR Air Kicker contest,” said Aaron Katen, event chief photographer. “Chad launched one so big that I had a hard time keeping him in the frame.”

Hearts were pumping and fans were on their feet for the Pro Men’s Final, as the heat would consist of Harley Clifford (AUS), Rusty Malinoski (CDN), Tony Carroll (USA), Shota Tezuka (JPN), Noah Flegel (USA) and Phil Soven (USA). Each rider went for broke trying to take home the coveted number one spot. After the first round of riding, Clifford would have his eye on the podium already with Malinoski and Tezuka looking to take him down. In the end, Clifford’s initial pass would prove to be unbeatable, leaving him in the number one spot. Clifford would also win the Nautique Wake Series, with Malinoski in second and Phil Soven in third overall.


The Orlando Watersports Complex finished its weekend off with intense heat, phenomenal riding and hearts pounding.  The Nautique Wake Open serves as the final stop on the Nautique Wake Series, a four-event professional and amateur wakeboard and wakeskate series, and the seventh stop on the King of Wake series.

Nautique Wake Open Day Four Results

Jr. Pro Men’s ― Finals


1. Cory Teunissen 100.00

2. Parker Siegele 79.00

3. Jason Soven 74.00

4. James Loisel 71.50

5. Robby Holihan 67.50

6. Jake Pelot 58.00

Men’s Professional ― Semi-Finals (Riders in bold advance to Finals)

Heat 1

1. Phillip Soven 88.17

2. JD Webb 80.00

3. Tony Iacconi 50.00

Heat 2

1. Tony Carroll 80.00

2. Jimmy LaRiche 71.67

3. Dean Smith 63.33

Heat 3

1. Noah Flegel 81.67

2. Aaron Rathy 78.33

3. Steel Lafferty 76.00

Heat 4

1. Shota Tezuka 78.33

2. Kyle Rattray 70.00

3. Josh Twelker 68.33

Heat 5

1. Rusty Malinoski 80.00

2. Joshua Palma 72.00

3. Keenan Allen 63.33

Heat 6

1. Harley Clifford 86.67

2. Daniel Powers 73.33

3. Massi Piffaretti 35.00

Professional WakeSkate ― Finals

1. Danny Hampson 83.33

2. Brian Grubb 76.67

3. Reed Hansen 66.67

4. Austin Polterock 58.33

5. Cristobal Mendez 51.67

6. Aaron Reed 45.00

Women’s Professional ― Finals

1. Meagan Ethell 86.33

2. Melissa Marquardt 78.00

3. Dallas Friday 74.00

4. Amber Wing 70.67

5. Rebecca Gange 65.67

6. Tarah Mikacich 60.00

Contour Big Air Kicker Contest

1. Dean Smith – Heelside Backside 720

2. Chad Sharpe – Indy Glide

3. Aaron Rathy-Tail Grab Backside 360

Noah Flegel

Austin Hair

Stephen Pierce

Jeff Langley

Men’s Professional ― Finals

1. Harley Clifford 95.67

2. Rusty Malinoski 93.33

3. Shota Tezuka 85.00

4. Noah Flegel 76.67

5. Phil Soven 60.00

6. Tony Carroll 46.67

Nautique Series Overall Results

Professional WakeSkate

1. Brian Grubb

2. Reed Hansen

3. Danny Hampson

Jr. Pro Men’s

1. Parker Siegele

2. Gunner Daft

3. Mac Schramm

Women’s Professional

1. Meagan Ethell

2. Amber Wing

3. Dallas Friday

Men’s Professional

1. Harley Clifford

2. Rusty Malinoski

3. Phil Soven


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