PWT Grand Rapids Day Two Recap

August 17, 2014

Colossal Wakes Help Crown Champions at MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Finale

Grand Rapids, Mich. ― Thousands of fans lined the shores of Millennium Park to witness the final stop of the 2014 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by Rockstar Energy. Boardshorts, bikinis and excellent wakeboarding conditions were on-point during one of the most astonishing finals to date. The best wakeboarders on the planet went to combat against each other; Harley Clifford (AUS), Phil Soven (USA), Shota Tezuka (JPN) and Massi Piffaretti (ITA) absolutely threw down behind the MasterCraft X-Star. The CONTOUR Big Air Kicker Contest took to the skies as well, with Dean Smith (AUS), Aaron Rathy (CDN), Noah Flegel (USA) and Chad Sharpe (CDN) launching themselves off of the CONTOUR Kicker.

After round one of the finals, the placements stood: 1st-Harley Clifford (AUS), 2nd-Josh Twelker (USA) and 3rd-Phil Soven (USA); however, with Rusty Malinoski (CDN), Shota Tezuka (JPN) and Massi Piffaretti (ITA) hungry for a podium spot, everyone knew it could be anyone’s time to shine. Soven would be first off the dock and he decided to put down two incredible passes that included some of his signature tricks such as switch nose-grabbed crow mobe 540 and nose-grabbed moby dick 540 finished with a wrapped nose-grabbed backside rodeo 540. Tezuka would show the crowd he could hold his own as well, stomping a heelside frontside 900 followed by an almost flawless two passes. In the end, the riders could not match the insanity created by Clifford and would fall just short. Leaving the nose-grabbed mobe 540, tail-grabbed KGB and melon toeside frontside 900 spinning Harley Clifford as your 2014 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour – Grand Rapids champion and the 2014 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Overall Champion!


“I couldn’t be more pumped with my results today!” says Champion Harley Clifford. “It was one of the coolest finals of the year and it was so close between everyone. No one knew which way it would go.”

The CONTOUR Big Air Kicker contest got the day ramped up! With towboat driver #1 Travis Moye hammering the X-Star throttle down, the riders sent it as high and far as humanly possible. Rockstar rider Aaron Rathy (CDN) set the bar with a huge stalefish backside 360. However, fellow Rockstar teammate, Dean Smith (AUS) would not be outdone, ripping into the kicker with certainty he was going to land a backside 720 just as large as Rathy’s 360. After it was said and done, it was Dean Smith to take the win, followed by Aaron Rathy, and Chad Sharpe.

“I was thrilled to be able to hit my backside 7 first go today,” explains CONTOUR Big Air Kicker Champ Dean Smith. “I had fallen on it at the previous King of Wake stop, so it was nice to have it back under my belt.”


Make sure to stay tuned to for more awesome highlight media and don’t forget to set your TV sets to NBC Sports on October 12 at 4:30 p.m. EST to catch the whole event.

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Day Two Results

Men’s Pro ― Quarter Finals (Riders in bold advance to Semi Finals)


Heat 1

**1. Oli Derome 88.33

2. Massi Piffaretti 85.33**


3. Joshua Palma 76.00

4. Jason Bannatyne 71.67

Heat 2

**1. Josh Twelker 90.00

2. Noah Flegel 86.33**

3. Kyle Rattray 75.00

4. Pierce Homsey 63.33

Heat 3

**1. Steel Lafferty 86.67

2. Danny Harf 65.00**

3. Tony Carroll 53.33

4. Aaron Rathy 41.67

Heat 4

**1. Tony Iacconi 90.67

2. Shota Tezuka 90.00**

3. Daniel Powers 73.33

4. Austin Hair 51.67

Heat 5

**1. Rusty Malinoski 88.33

2. Phillip Soven 84.33**

3. Keenan Allen 81.67

4. Brad Teunissen 60.00

Heat 6

**1. Harley Clifford 89.00

2. Dean Smith 85.00**

3. Darin Shapiro 76.67

4. Thomas Herman 45.33

Men’s Pro ― Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance to Finals)

Heat 1

**1. Josh Twelker 90.00

2. Phillip Soven 86.67**

3. Steel Lafferty 83.33

4. Noah Flegel 79.33

Heat 2

**1. Rusty Malinoski 88.33

2. Massi Piffaretti 83.67**

3. Dean Smith 81.67

4. Oli Derome 35.00

Heat 3

**1. Harley Clifford 95.33

2. Shota Tezuka 89.00**

3. Tony Iacconi 86.00

4. Danny Harf 65.33

Men’s Pro ― Finals

Heat 1

Harley Clifford 94.00

Phillip Soven 92.33

Shota Tezuka 91.33

Massi Piffaretti 90.33

Josh Twelker 89.00

Rusty Malinoski 66.67

CONTOUR Big Air Kicker

1. Dean Smith

2. Aaron Rathy

3. Chad Sharpe

4. Massi Piffaretti

5. Austin Hair

6. Stephen Pierce


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