The All New 2015 MOJO

The new completely redesigned 23-foot Moomba Boat @MoombaBoats Mojo is casting a "no worries" spell on true water sports warriors with professional-level wakeboard wakes, competition-worthy surf waves, magical handling and great rough water ride all for a reasonable price. The Mojo enchants even skeptics with a beautifully durable and comforting interior. The new wider and longer stature of this Moomba has allowed for more seating and storage. This spaciousness also directly relates to more Gravity III-D Ballast standard. Weighing in with 2000 pounds of ballast, the 2015 Mojo conjures-up huge shapely wakes right off the factory floor. If you are looking to coax even more surf performance out of the Mojo, opt for the Moomba Surf Edition, which adds another 500-pound plumbed-in bow sack and Flow Surf. With as much as 2500 pounds of ballast and 23-feet of wake boat to get on plane, the Mojo requires the low-end power that only an engine built for high performance pulling can provide. The 2015 Mojo comes standard with the new 400 6.2 liter Ford Raptor engine by Indmar with an industry-leading 5-year factory drive train warranty. This Raptor engine cranks-out 404 foot pounds of torque to get any rider or surfer up and on the water in seconds without the driver ever loosing sight of the horizon. You're going to have to experience the magical powers of the 2015 Moomba Mojo at dealer near you to believe it.