Harley Clifford Wins PWT Lathrop

June 29, 2014

Harley Clifford Wins MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Lathrop

Lathrop, CA. – The final day of action at the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour presented by Rockstar saw the sport’s top riders laying it all on the line in hopes of walking away victorious in Lathrop. A relentless competitive streak, matched by a heroic effort in the finals, earned Harley Clifford top honors at the Tour’s second stop of the season.

Thousands of enthusiastic fans lined the beach at Mossdale Quarry Lakes, and Clifford was able to channel their energy into his innovative finals performance. His contest-winning run featured next level riding, while maintaining a commitment to fundamentals. Clifford boosted his way to victory off the X-Star’s massive wake with equally huge toe and heel side aerials complimented by sound rail riding. The well balanced run was enough to separate him from the pack of world class co-finalists including Shota Tezuka, Tony Iacconi, Rusty Malinoski, Steel Lafferty and Jason Bannatyne.


“When I saw the field for the finals I knew needed a sick run to win,” said Clifford, who has claimed both Pro Tour wins this season. “Everyone was riding great all weekend, I was able to hit the tricks I needed to and I’m stoked to walk away the winner!”

Prior to the Pro Men’s finals, fans witnessed one of the most exciting spectacles in wakeboarding – the CONTOUR Big Air Contest. The larger-than-life specialty event featured a contingent of the best Pro Men riders launching from a ramp performing gigantic rotating aerials that are rarely attempted in a traditional contest setting. Dean Smith drilled a jaw-dropping backside 720 to claim victory, while leaving fans and fellow riders in awe.

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Lathrop Final Results:


Men’s Pro – Finals

1. Harley Clifford 98.67

2. Shota Tezuka 94.00


3. Tony Iacconi 92.67

4. Rusty Malinoski 84.33

5. Steel Lafferty 75.00


6. Jason Bannatyne 56.67

Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)

**1. Steel Lafferty 79.17

2. Jason Bannatyne 64.17**

3. Dean Smith 60.00

4. Josh Palma 46.67

Pro Men – Quarterfinals(Top rider advances to Round 5 Final, 2nd Place advances to Round 4 LCQ)

Heat One

**1. Shota Tezuka 90.00

2. Josh Palma 80.00**

3. Brad Smeele 60.00

4. Josh Twelker 51.67

5. Oli Derome 42.33

6. Christian Primrose 38.33

Heat Two

**1. Tony Iacconi 85.00

2. Jason Bannatyne 73.33**

3. Keenan Allen 67.50

4. Daniel Powers 61.67

5. Pierce Homsey 55.00

6. Noah Flegel 46.67

Heat Three

**1. Rusty Malinoski 86.67

2. Steel Lafferty 80.00**

3. Chad Sharpe 72.50

4. Darin Shapiro 68.33

5. Austin Hair 48.33

6. Danny Harf 16.67

Heat Four

**1. Harley Clifford 91.67

2. Dean Smith 88.50**

3. Tony Carroll 80.83

4. Massi Piffaretti 77.67

5. Brad Teunissen 46.67

6. Jeff Weatherall 20.00


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