Tigé Awards Hansen, Wieland $5K for Video Edit

September 23, 2013

**Reed Hansen, Patrick Wieland Earn $5k from Tigé for Best MyWake Global Challenge Video Edit


Orlando, Fla. — Adding yet another layer of creativity to its groundbreaking virtual format competition, Tigé has named Reed Hansen and Patrick Wieland the first ever Best Edited Video recipients for the online portion of the MyWake Global Challenge presented by Polaroid Action. The multi-talented athlete/editor team, which also earned Hansen a trip to next month’s Live MyWake Main Event as the August Pro Wakeskate winner, will split $5,000 from Tigé for their efforts.


“We received a ton of incredible video edits that required a lot of time, effort and creativity,” said Daniel Gutierrez, Tigé’s Director of Marketing. “Patrick and Reed’s styles meshed perfectly together, displaying both the progressive and artistic sides of wakeskating, as well as a lifestyle component, into one unbelievable video.”

The duos winning video submission, which was a huge viral success on the competition’s Exposure Meter, can be viewed on the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge webpage here. Hansen now moves on to the dramatic Live MyWake Main Event in Sparks, NV. on Oct. 4-6, 2013.

En route to victory, Wieland and Hansen overcame stiff competition from a field of talented editors and riders. Some of the biggest names in wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing made valiant efforts including Mike Dowdy/Collin Harrington, Harley Clifford/Jack Blodgett and Dieter Humpsch, who was one of the only riders to film and edit his own video. The virtual format of the MyWake Global Challenge also allowed lesser known riders to go head-to-head with the sport’s top athletes. One of the biggest surprises came from the team of Connor Fewel/Micah Bartel whose July video submission impressed the judges with its creative editing.


A strong contingent of female riders submitted top videos in the competition as well. Most notably was Ashley Kidd’s Pro Surf winning video from July (edited by PDMokry) and Bri Chmel’s Pro Skim winning video from the same month.

The competition’s judging panel featured a “who’s who” of wake industry media including Sean Osborne (Solymar Entertainment), Sean Kilgus (BFY Productions), Ben Greenwood (Transworld Wakeboarding Magazine), Ryan Wolfe (8 Blade Films), Michelle Makmann (Bonnier Television Group), Brandon Parker ( and Shawn Perry (Transworld Wakeboarding Magazine). The prevailing themes the panel looked for in the top videos included progressive riding, the use of multiple camera angles and inclusion of lifestyle footage.

The top five rider/editor video submissions were as follows:


1. Reed Hansen/Patrick Wieland

2. Mike Dowdy/Collin Harrington

3. Harley Clifford/Jack Blodgett


4. Dieter Humpsch (Self-edited)

5. Chase Hazen/Patrick Wieland

For more information about the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge, including rules, regulations and entry, visit


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