MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Opens Competition in Monroe

July 13, 2013
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**********MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Opens Competition in Monroe**

Monroe, WA.– A conglomerate of the world’s best wakeboarders continued the West Coast leg of the 2013 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour presented by Rockstar with an exciting first day of action in Monroe. Taking to the waters of Lake Tye, the talented field of riders in the Men’s Pro Division and the Overton’s Junior Pro Series, excelled for an enthusiastic crowd of Pacific Northwest wakeboard fans.

Displaying some of the most progressive riding of the day in the sport’s elite Men’s Pro division was Harley Clifford. Dipping deep into his bag of tricks, Clifford gave the judges the well rounded run they were looking for, meshing big stylish airs with highly technical and precise rail riding. Also showing they’re no slouch boosting from the X-Star’s massive wake, Steel Lafferty and Rusty Malinoski catapulted their way to heat winning runs by leveraging their signature big airs to match Clifford’s division high score of 92.00


“We were really happy it worked out to bring the Pro Tour back to Monroe again this year,” said Chris Bischoff, competition director. “The venue is perfect for hosting an event of this magnitude and the fans are really passionate about the sport. We saw some great riding today in both divisions and it’s only going to get better with tomorrow’s main event.”

The future stars competing in the Overton’s Junior Pro series also gave the fans something to talk about. Specifically, a hat trick of perfect runs in consecutive heats from Cory Teunissen, Tony Iacconi and Noah Flegel. The plethora of perfection treated fans to an array of nearly every type of trick imaginable, as the three riders performed well beyond their years, setting the stage for numerous highly anticipated matchups in tomorrow’s final day of action.

Following the final heat tomorrow fans can stay for one of wakeboarding ‘s most thrilling spectacles, the Polaroid Action Big Air Contest. The event will feature top athletes performing exciting and innovative tricks that aren’t typically attempted in a traditional contest setting.


Tickets for Saturday’s finals are available online for $7 (46% off the gate price) and include an exclusive Overton’s discount code for online buyers only. Gate prices are: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

For information on the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, visit

Pro Men Qualifying Heat 1 (Top 4 Advance)


1.    Aaron Rathy 85.00

******2.   ** Andrew Adkison 81.67

******3.   ** Christian Primrose 74.00


******4.   ** Josh Twelker 70.00

****5.     Kyle Rattray 67.67

6.     Dylan Prideaux 54.33

Pro Men Qualifying Heat 2

1.    Rusty Malinoski 92.00

******2.   ** Shota Tezuka 76.67

******3.   ** Brad Smeele 67.33

******4.   ** Josh Palma 56.67

****5.    Keenan Allen 51.67

6.    Pierce Homsey 41.67

Pro Men Qualifying Heat 3

1.    Harley Clifford 92.00

******2.   ** Oli Derome 86.33

******3.   ** Jeff Langley 84.67

******4.   ** Trevor Hansen 83.00

****5.     Danny Harf 80.00

6.     Jason Bannatyne 26.67

Pro Men Qualifying Heat 4

1.    Steel Lafferty 92.00

******2.   ** Mike Dowdy 89.33

******3.   ** Chad Sharpe 71.67

******4.   ** Austin Hair 66.67

****5.    Kyler Green 64.33

6.    Gunnar Shuler 54.33

Pro Men Qualifying Heat 5

1.    Phil Soven 89.00

******2.   ** Daniel Powers 80.00

******3.   ** Adam Errington 68.00

******4.   ** Stephen Pierce 60.00

****5.    Tony Carroll 57.67

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 1 (Top 2 Advance)

1.    Gordon Harrison 92.50

****** 2.   ** Parker Siegele 89.25

****3.     John Hunt 85.25

4.     Damien Allen 73.00

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 2

1.    Massi Piffaretti 97.25

******2.   ** Marc Kroon 89.00

****3.     Freddie Wayne 83.75

4.     Ian Cole 70.00

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 3

1.    Cory Teunissen 100.00

******2.   ** Brad Teunissen 88.00

****3.     Jason Soven 79.25

4.     Mac Schramm 72.75

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 4

1.    Tony Iacconi 100.00

******2.   ** Joey Buss 88.50

****3.     Zachary Brown 78.50

4.     Gus Shuler 73.00

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 5

1.    Noah Flegel 100.00

******2.   ** Robby Holihan 86.25

****3.     Juan Mendez 83.75


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