Phil Soven Wins MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Lathrop

June 30, 2013

Phil Soven Wins MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Lathrop**** 

Amber Wing Claims Victory in Women’s Pro Division

Lathrop, CA.– Thousands of fans flocked the shores of Mossdale Quarry Lakes to watch the world’s top wakeboarders battle it out during the final day of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour presented by Rockstar in Lathrop. Claiming gold in the Golden State were Phil Soven in the Men’s Pro division, Amber Wing in the Women’s Pro and Tony Iacconi in the Overton’s Junior Pro Series.


Soven laid down near flawless aerials and technical rail maneuvers to boost his way to first place in the six man finals heat. Joining Soven on the podium were Austin Hair and Dean Smith who both put in excellent final round performances.

“There was so much great riding today, I’m just stoked to come away with a win,” said Soven. “This was nice venue to host event and now I can’t wait for the next stop in Monroe in a couple weeks!”

Wing, who squeaked out a narrow victory over local rider Melissa Marquardt, displayed stylish riding throughout the entire event to earn the top honors. Dallas Friday also displayed stellar riding to claim the final podium spot.


The Overton’s Junior Pro Series riders showed the future of the sport is in good hands. Leaning on a dominating final round performance, Tony Iacconi took the division’s top spot over Cory Teunissen and Gordon Harrison.

Following the final rounds of action, fans enjoyed the Polaroid Action Big-Air Contest. The event will featured the top athletes performing exciting and innovative tricks that aren’t typically attempted in a traditional contest setting.  Riding behind the MasterCraft X-Star, Dean Smith won with specialty event busting a huge backside 720.

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MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Lathrop Day Final Results:

Pro Men Finals

  1. Phil Soven 90.00

  2. Austin Hair 84.17

  3. Dean Smith 76.67

  4. Mike Dowdy 70.00

  5. Kyle Rattray 61.67

  6. Shota Tezuka 36.67

Women Pro Finals

  1. Amber Wing 85.00

  2. Melissa Marquardt 83.33

  3. Dallas Friday 75.00

  4. Bec Gange 69.00

  5. Nicola Butler 64.33

  6. Tarah Mikacich 31.67

Junior Pro Men Finals

  1. Tony Iacconi 96.50

  2. Cory Teunissen 81.25

  3. Gordon Harrison 73.00

  4. Massi Piffaretti 64.00

  5. Noah Flegel 64.00

  6. Freddie Wayne 63.25

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

  1. Shota Tezuka 88.33

  2. Austin Hair 85.83

  3. Kyle Rattray 71.67

  4. Andrew Adkison 68.33

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

  1. Phil Soven 90.00

  2. Dean Smith 83.33

  3. Mike Dowdy 75.00

  4. Tony Carroll 65.00

Junior Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

  1. Massi Piffaretti 89.75

  2. Gordon Harrison 83.50

  3. Cory Teunisen 81.50

  4. Brad Teunissen 73.75

  5. Jason Soven 71.50

Junior Pro Men Semifinlas Heat 2

  1. Tony Iacconi 92.00

  2. Freddie Wayne 84.50

  3. Noah Flegel 83.00

  4. Parker Siegele 74.50

  5. Robby Holihan

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

  1. Dean Smith 76.67

  2. Mike Dowdy 75.00

  3. Jimmy Lariche 74.83

  4. Steel Lafferty 58.33

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 2

  1. Andrew Adkison 78.33

  2. Tony Carroll 77.50

  3. Jeff Langley 70.33

  4. Christian Primrose 70.00

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 3

  1. Shota Tezuka 85.00

  2. Kyle Rattray 74.67

  3. Trevor Hansen 69.00

  4. Keenan Allen 41.67

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 4

  1. Phil Soven 89.17

  2. Austin Hair 81.67

  3. Bradley Smeele 63.33

  4. Stephen Pierce 56.67


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