Phil Soven Wins Tigé MyWake Global Challenge

September 12, 2012

Phillip Soven Claims Pro Men Wakeboard Title at First-Ever Tigé MyWake Global Challenge

_Winners Also Decided in Wakeskate, Wakesurf and Skim Divisions



Orlando, Fla. — Culminating a three month long call-to-action that collected online video submissions from the world’s best wakeboarders, wakeskaters and wakesurfers, champions were determined in all eight divisions during day two of the live finals at the inaugural Tigé MyWake Global Challenge. The first-ever contest incorporating the three wake disciplines, Phillip Soven used a stylish and technically-sound final run to clinch top honors in the competition’s premiere division, Pro Men Wakeboard.

After taking first place in yesterday’s opening round during his first-ever Men’s Pro competition, Mike Dowdy entered the day with an anxious contingent of fellow pros and wakeboard fans eager to see if the newcomer could back up his day one performance with an equally strong final run. However, his two-day total was not enough to overcome an impressive second day showing from veteran pro Soven, who added another title to his collection of pro contest victories. Rusty Malinoski and Tony Carroll also put in excellent runs today to round out the Pro Men’s podium.

“This was a great event and I’m most stoked to see Tony (Carroll) make the podium, he has been riding really well for a long time now,” said Soven. “This wraps a solid 2012 season and will see you all next year.”


A stacked field of Pro Women wakeboarders also determined a winner on Lake Bryan today. Displaying next-level progressive riding, the division was claimed by Raequel Hoffman, who used a collection of big airs, stylish rotations and technical grabs to narrowly edge out Amber Wing and Raimi Merritt, who claimed second and third place respectively.

In the ultra-innovative Pro Men Surf division, Chase Hazen placed first for the second consecutive day to take the overall victory in the up-and-coming sport. Also showcasing world-class riding throughout the event were Jacob Valdez (Junior Pro Men Wakeboard), Brian Grubb (Pro Men Wakeskate), Ashley Kidd (Pro Women Surf), Bri Chmel (Pro Women Skim), Keenen Flegel (Pro Men Skim), who all claimed overall victories in their respective divisions.

Recognizing the game-changing format of the MyWake Global Challenge, PCM Engines upped the ante of the contest and doubled all Tigé prize money for the monthly winners. With the matched money from PCM Engines, overall prizes for the online and live portions of the contest are more than $35,000.


Final Scores From the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge

*Highest two-day average wins, ties broken by highest day two score

Pro Wakeskate Overall Average


1. Brian Grubb 90

2. James Balzer 90

3. Brandon Thomas 88.5

4. George Daniels 77.5

5. Dieter Humpsch 70

Pro Women Overall Average

1. Raequel Hoffman 95

2. Amber Wing 95

3. Raimi Merritt 77.5

4. Melissa Marquardt 75

5. Tarah Mikacich 65

6. Taylor McCullough 47.66

Women’s Skim Overall Average

1. Bri Chmel 100

2. Caroline Villeneuve 90

3. Vanessa Gonzalez 80

4. Jackie Costa 80

Men’s Skim Overall Average

1. Keenen Flegel 90

2. Noah Flegel 90

3. Dominique Lagace 90

Women’s Surf Overall Average

1. Ashley Kidd 100

2. Korina Smyrek 90

3. Raequel Hoffman 80

4. Maddie Garcia 75

Men’s Surf Overall Average

1. Chase Hazen 100

2. Chris Kinsey 90

3. RJ Garcia 80

Junior Pro Men Overall Average

1. Jacob Valdez 95

2. Noah Flegel 88.5

3. Keenan Allen 85

4. Jason Soven 77.5

5. Gus Shuler 70

Pro Men Overall Average

1. Phillip Soven 85

2. Rusty Malinoski 82.5

3. Tony Carroll 77.5

4. Aaron Rathy 77.5

5. Mike Dowdy 71.5

6. Steel Lafferty 67.5

7. Daniel Powers 67.5

8. Austin Hair 65

9. Josh Palma 49

10. Kyle Rattray 49

11. Daniel Watkins 49

12. Scotty Broome 39


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