Recap: Quiksilver Wakefest in Valle de Bravo, Mexico!

Valle de Bravo, Mexico – The final competition for the 2010 Mexican wakeboard series took place this past weekend in Valle de Bravo. Riders in 9 divisions competed in front of huge crowds.

In the Mexican Pro Division, Bryan Kryzda finished in 1st place.

In the Open Division Daniel Roig finished 1st.

As an added bonus to the event, a kicker contest took place on the last day of competition, with Larisa Morales, who is only 13 years old, taking the first spot with a switch frontside 540.

The event had as special guests Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray and Brian Grubb, all of which put on a great show for the crowd.

Shawn Perry and Kevin Michael were also present as special guests in the event.

The Air Nautique by Correct Craft is the exclusive tow boat of the Quiksilver Wakefest. Correct Craft Inc. is the producer of the Nautique boats and is known for delivering superior quality and cutting-edge technology.

The Quiksilver Wakefest was presented by Nautiques and has the support of the following sponsors: Correct Craft - Quiksilver - Corona Light – Interproteccion Insurance – Red Bull – MtWakeboard – Felgueres

For any additional information contact Daniel Roig at

Final standings for the Wakefest were as follows:

1 Bryan Kryzda
2 Jorge Garizurieta
3 Marcos Torres
4 Daniel Gremion
5 Fernando Magaña
6 Juan Pablo Ochoa
1 Daniel Roig
2 Sebastian Najera
3 Javier Ceballos
4 German Brito
5 Kevin Michael
6 Alejandro Carranza
Men (18-29)
1 Paskal Cerbon
2 Antonio Simon
3 Juan Pablo Asencio
Junior Men (14-17)
1 Sergio Guerra
2 Andres Ceballos
3 Larisa Morales
Boys (10-13)
1 Hector Morales
2 Christian Diener
3 Jorge Alberto Perez
Masters (30+)
1 Arturo Arce
2 Sergio Guerra
3 Jaime Ortiz Tirado
Women (14+)
1 Mariana Melo
2 Sofia Varela
3 Lorena Vergara
Junior Boys (0-9)
1 Patricio Ortiz Tirado
2 Miguel Vazquez
3 Iñigo Odriozola
Girls (4-13)
1 Regina Arce
2 Nerea Odriozola