Taylor McCullough Repeats As World Champion

August 21, 2010
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Taylor McCullough defended her title in the Girls division during the second day of the 2010 Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships, which is being held Aug. 19-22 at the Orlando Watersports Complex. McCullough, who won her third consecutive Wakeboard Nationals title earlier this year, captured he second consecutive world title in the 13-and-under division.

“It’s a really cool feeling to be called the best in the world, and I’ve done it twice,” McCullough says. “I’ve been training three times a day for the last two weeks for this contest, so I’m really happy to see that hard work pay off.”

Today’s win caps off an incredible season for McCullough, who also was featured in the August issue of Sports Illustrated.


“It’s been an awesome year for me,” said McCullough. “I’m going to keep training to get ready for next year; I want to ride on the Pro Tour.”

In addition to McCullough, 13-year-old Australian Tony Iacconi also made waves on the water, taking first place in the Jr. Men’s division. Iacconi decided not to defend his title in the Boys division this year, so he could gain the experience of competing in the more advanced 18-and-under category.

“I didn’t expect to win Worlds — I just wanted to be competitive,” Iacconi says. “I’m super-stoked to go back home to Australia as a world champion.”


2010 Wakeboard World Championships Day 2 Results

Jr. Boys Beginner Finals

1. Kade Kasey USA 50.00

2. Tyler Worrall USA 32.22


3. Hunter Henderson USA 46.67

4. Carter Mather USA 22.22

Jr. Boys Finals


1. Elliot Digney AUS 63.33

2. Andrew Scheafer USA 36.67

3. Benjamin Brown USA 16.67

Boys Beginner Finals

1. James Loisel USA 73.33

2. Bryson Hancock USA 46.67

3. Steven Hallsworth USA 40.00

4. Nathaniel Worcester ENG 36.67

Boys Finals

1. Paulie Koch USA 66.67

2. Noah Flegel USA 56.67

3. Jason Soven USA 53.33

4. Robby Holihan USA 45.00

5. Cory Teunissen AUS 41.67

6. Logan McCracken USA 30.00

Amateur Wakeskate Finals

1. Forrest Risner USA 75.00

2. Jim Branton USA 63.33

3. Ronaldo Mascarenhas BRA 50.00

4. James Evans USA 41.67

Masters Women Finals

1. Mariana Martins USA 63.33

2. Christine Cameron BRA 23.33

Veteran Women Finals

1. Allison Blaha USA 66.67

2. Geri Robertson USA 50.00

3. Susan Sheehan USA 33.33

4. Paula Fay USA 13.33

Amateur Women Finals

1. Akina Takemiya JPN 66.67

2. Alexa Score USA 53.33

3. Brittany Schroeder USA 33.33

4. Daniella Lambert AUS 30.00

Girls Finals

1. Taylor McCullough USA 76.67

2. Larisa Morales MEX 63.33

3. Hannah Green USA 36.67

4. Marla Fay USA 20.00

Jr. Women Finals

1. Kimberly Kirch USA 60.00

2. Carolina Rodriguez MEX 43.33

3. Leah Gibney USA 33.33

Veterans Finals

1. Darren Holsey USA 64.44

2. Faron Kelsh USA 55.00

3. Michael Fay USA 37.78

Men’s II Finals

1. Tim Clinton USA 65.00

2. Nick Link USA 60.00

3. Eduardo Martins BRA 43.33

4. Brad Gearhart USA 31.11

Jr. Men Finals

1. Tony Iacconi AUS 70.56

2. Will Green USA 60.00

3. Morgan Pederson USA 51.78

4. Parker Siegele AUS 44.44

5. Nick Vaccari USA 37.78

6. Justin Gratzfeld CAN 33.33


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