Byerly Toe Jam - Day 2

A meaty, peaking wake and glassy water set the stage for Friday's boat action at the 3rd Annual Byerly Toe Jam presented by O'Neill. The Air Nautique 210 was weighted heavily and the judging was mainly based on how well the wakeskaters used the wake. The finals gave us a showdown between Brandon Thomas and last year's champion Brian Grubb. Unfortunately Grubb didn't get the run he was looking for, and Thomas was able to take the crown. Stay tuned to Fuel TV's "The Weekly Update" for highlights.

After the wakes settled, the crowd headed over to the Winch pool, where riders practiced and Hyperlite threw down $500 for a steamy bikini contest, Projects style. The major highlight from practice was George Daniels' front board, back big on the right down rail and Drew McGuckin's shove indy. Due to heavy rains moving in, the riders decided to postpone the finals until Saturday, after the PWC finals.

Byerly would like to thank O'Neill, Hyperlite, Air Nautiques, Southeast Correct Craft, Reef, Arnette, Red Bull and Performance Ski & Surf.

BOAT Invited Riders

First Round (head-to-head)
1.) Drew McGuckin
2.) Clint Tompkins

1.) George Daniels
2.) Ross Gardner

1.) Aaron Rathy
2.) Ryan Doyle

1.) Brandon Thomas
2.) Tim Kovacich

1.) Philip Basino
2.) Aaron Reed

1.) Danny Hampson
2.) Reed Hansen

Round Two (Quarterfinals)
1.) Brian Grubb
2.) Aaron Rathy

1.) Danny Hampson
2.) Drew McGuckin

1.) Brandon Thomas
2.) Kyle Walton

1.) George Daniels
2.) Philip Basino

Round Three (Semifinals)
1.) Brandon Thomas
2.) Danny Hampson

1.) Brian Grubb
2.) George Daniels

Round Four (Finals)
1.) Brandon Thomas
2.) Brian Grubb