Malibu Boats Introduces Center-Mounted LCD Screen to Dash Area

(Merced, CA) - Detailed, easy-to-read system information takes center stage in every Malibu model this year. For 2006 Malibu built their cockpit around the new In-Dash Graphical LCD.

Malibu's new In-dash Graphical LCD acts as a window into your boats' soul and is result of a collaborative partnership between Medallion Instrumentation and Malibu Boats.

When asked about this latest Malibu innovation, Dan Gasper, the Director of Malibu Research and Development Center, had this to say. "We are always looking to give the driver more control and the new Graphical LCD allowed us to push command of the boat, another step beyond." Gasper continued, "Knowledge is power. That is why we built so many system-monitoring modules into this display. In addition to that, we made sure it was easy to use."

In a glance the driver is up-to-speed on RPM, temperature, speed control, time, engine hours, oil pressure as well as ballast levels in some models.

The Film Compensated Super Twisted Nematic Display is one of the most recent advances in digital displays. It allows for higher contrast and greater viewing angles, which make the LCD information unmistakable even in direct sun light.

Since Malibu's inception in 1982 President/CEO Robert Alkema's mission has been very simple even if the evolution of design and engineering has become increasingly complex. "Build the best boat possible. Enjoy your workplace. Give Malibu owners the best value." This is an oath and a standard that the people of Malibu Boats believe they are bound to uphold.