CWB Signs Jimmy Wolf

CWB Board Co. is pleased to announce the signing of Jimmy Wolf. Hailing from Phoenix AZ, Jimmy has been a staple on the west coast for years and is known for his unique style and switch riding. Jimmy can be seen in the Delta Sessions as well as Exposed, Silly and the much anticipated west coast film: Almost Famous. Jimmy will join the ranks of riders Trevor Hansen, Jeff House, Andrew Adkison and other top pros. "We are stoked to have Jimmy on board. It's great to have a strong young team that rides for the passion" says Jay Quam, CWB Board Co. Marketing Director.

CWB Board Co. looks forward to a great season of riding, filming and creating our 2007 product. Jimmy's influence will be a huge asset to an already amazing boot and board collection. "I've been riding with Jimmy for a while now and we can finally share equipment!" says So-Cal CWB rep Steve Bates. "We have some programs and ideas in the works that will make this coming season off the charts. Demos, grassroots contests, wedding crashing and an event that will change wakeboarding on the west coast."

Jimmy will be riding the Factor 144 and the Zeus boots with Hinge Tech. "It is amazing how easy it is to get in and out of these boots. I have never felt heel hold down as solid as the Zeus provides" says Jimmy. Jimmy also runs a wakeboard school in Phoenix with CWB Board Co. am team rider, Ben Losch. Looking forward to a summer you wont forget.