No Fear Launches Web site

October 24, 2005

No Fear, with the innovative Web design of Forward Development, officially announced the launch of the No Fear Web site. Users can now experience the No Fear adrenaline rush visually, audibly, and interactively through one fully integrated online sugar high. Crawling with an energetic combination of vibrant content, up-to-date imagery and video, and the most advanced e-commerce system on the Web, the site screams at every viewer. Whether an action sports fanatic or someone barely interested in the surf, wake, and motocross industries, the company’s vision can’t be ignored. As a standard name in the industry of action sports for 15 years, No Fear has made their dedicated reputation by taking their involvement in the industry seriously. But now, with a cutting-edge site that lives up to their untamed nature, and a resurging demand for No Fear merch and sponsorship, these badass kids are just getting started.

“We are in business to deliver to our customers and contribute to action sports,” said Britt Galland, No Fear Vice President of Marketing. No Fear is committed to furthering the industry at the grassroots level, which means supporting not just professionals, but the amateurs that are the foundation of this industry. Many companies of our kind have the ability to support events and athletes, but would rather cash in on the action sports lifestyle without ever giving back to the community.”

Since 1990, No Fear has made the industries of surf, wake, and motocross their focus. Fifteen years later, after a period of streamlining distribution channels, the company is at an all-time high in sales and industry involvement, while fighting the trend of becoming money-grubbing corporations like their competitors.


Because No Fear is dedicated specifically to surfing, wakeboarding, motocross, and freestyle motocross, Forward Development has created intensely engaging websites for each facet of the industry. The vibe of each unique sport visually erupts with the advanced, yet highly functional design of each No Fear website, fulfilling the interests of the company’s diverse market. With visitors having access to exclusive video footage and photos of amateurs, pros, and the latest events for all four action sports, every viewer’s passion is undoubtedly fed. Even music fiends get their share of the experience with the No Fear band site, where up-to-date bands, photos, events, and media run rampant.

“No Fear’s ethos of giving back to the industry wasn’t fully captured by their past internet representation,” said Aaron Cuker, Art Director at Forward Development. “With the latest flash technology and our design approach, we’re giving the riders, the industry, and No Fear the exposure they deserve.”

Not only did the team at Forward Development create an action sports haven visually; they conceived a customized management system, allowing No Fear’s site operators to continually update media and content, and supply visitors with the most dynamic material possible.


“We are really excited to display a back-end tool that ties in so seamlessly with not only the rich media and innovative elements, but also technology that speaks to their business philosophy by streamlining No Fear’s internal systems,” said Greg Moser, Director of Operations at Forward Development.

The Forward Development pros also created an innovative navigational system where visitors can easily interact and connect to every edge of the network, including the striking e-commerce system. Emphasizing No Fear’s customer commitment, Forward Development designed a sleek online store with quality photos, advanced viewing options for styles and colors, and an integrated customer-based system allowing direct online purchasing.

Though the online store is a convenient feature, it in no way detracts from No Fear’s dedication to the action sports inndustry, or the company’s loyalty to their retailers.


“I wouldn’t consider this Web site a sales tool. With a Web site, I want to see something that’s cool, not something that’s trying to sell me product,” says Mark Simo, CEO of No Fear. “This Web site speaks for itself. It effectively communicates our message and interacts with the customer. Forward Development has created a mirror reflection of our company, and has used the coolest, most innovative technology.”

To check out the No Fear’s new Web site, visit Or to learn more about Forward Development, LLC and their services, visit


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