Anarchy Eyeware Unveils New Models

September 28, 2005

Anarchy Eyewear – these are your sunglasses… finally.

Smithfield, RI – September 1, 2005 - Anarchy Eyewear launches four new models at ASR and Surf Expo this month. All styles are for immediate release. Prices range from $55 to $85.

What self-loathing rock star would ever stumble out of a trashed hotel room at dawn without a pair of sunglasses on? More importantly, what kind of shades would that trashed rock star be wearing when stumbling out of a hotel room and onto Sunset Strip? The Anarchy Eyewear Conspiracy-that’s what! The Conspiracy is a big, bold, black beauty of a pair of sunglasses. Yeah, these sunglasses have all the UVA, UVB, polarized… You get the picture! The important thing is that these shades will make you look like you just smashed a bottle of expensive champagne on the bar at the Viper Room… and you don’t give a f-k! They only come in black, so you’ll be noticed; without trying to look like you want to be.


Driving a convertible Porsche at 120 on a California freeway is against the law-but damn, is it fun. The only problem with imagining this scenario is the sunglasses you picture most of the Porsche drivers wearing-bad 80s wraparounds. Here’s the cure to that image in your head, the Gravity. Two tone acetate frames, sleek design, wrapping around without looking 80s, and big enough on your face to disguise you as you drive thru a speed trap at 150. Available in black on gold (goes well in a jet black Porsche), Black on white (red Ferrari maybe), and Brown Stripe (Yellow Lamborghini baby!).

A walk on the beach, how romantic. Well, not when you’re walking with your boys scoping chicks! You can’t be seen making the scene without rocking shades that not only look cool, but also protect your face from the sun, and get you noticed. The OZ glasses have those big cool looking frames, gold-metal accents on the side (for that money side profile), and are straight comfy to wear all day everyday-the beach is yours when you’re rocking the Oz. Available in black on Gold, black on white, and caramel stripe.

Sunny, cloudy, raining, hailing, snowing, or nighttime-we always wear shades. Most of us have one pair. And why should we have more when there’s a pair of shades so perfect as the Krooked? Big enough to fit in with the hipster crowd, mellow enough to fit in with the boys you surf with, and flashy enough to get looks from the opposite sex. Why buy ten pairs when you have ten in one with the Krooked? Available in white, black, and tortoise.


About Anarchy Eyewear

Anarchy Eyewear makes glasses for you! YOU right there. The one skating to school, the guy with the surfboard sticking out of his truck, the chick who rides a BMX bike or paddles out, the kid who bangs his head to punk instead of doing his homework, the guy who’d rather drink beers at the beach instead of going to work, you who drank a Slurpee for breakfast-yeah, you! Everyday shades for the young and fun. Punk, metal, rap, rave, rock, reggae, whatever! Anarchy Eyewear – these are your sunglasses, finally. Anarchy Eyewearr is a Quantum Optics brand. Quantum Optics, based in Smithfield, RI, is a leading designer and marketer of premium branded eyewear. Other company-owned eyewear brands include Gargoyles and Angel. Licensed brands include Body Glove Optical and Sunglasses and Ironman Triathlon. Quantum Optics is a division of FGX International.

Quantum Optics, a division of FGX International
500 George Washington Highway, Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917


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