Shred Stixx

July 16, 2009

All Stixx are hand shaped and hand fiberglassed. No popout mold types. Shred Stixx are the most contemporary round pintail surfboard shapes as you will find in todays surfshops;[favorite tail design of most who surf powerfull fast waves, and or, have 350 HP in their hand in the way of a ski handle, same differance less the tube and drop down the face.] Granted those are the two biggest rushes in surfing. BUT….The third best thing is aaaaaalot of peoples favorite thing: CARVING TURNS and SLAMING OFF THE LIP.These two can be recreated behind the boat with the correct boat speed and rope length. WITH NO SLACK IN THE ROPE, GET HORIZONTAL, FLUIDNESS, EXACTLY LIKE YOU’VE SEEN IN THE SURF OR ON FILM.I have been surfing for 36 years and taking my board to the lake 36 years. And I can tell you, THE SENSATION IS THE SAME!!! If you surf, and are tired of those no swell this time of the year in my part of the state blues, OR, you don’t live near the beach, YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT WHAT WE ARE DOING AT SHRED STIXX!! I got tired, years ago, of thrashing my new..brand new, just had to try behind the boat at 26mph, 7’9″pintail guns, WITH PRESSURE DENTS, from my feet, heels and balls of, SO…after all thistime……..WE PROUDLY PRESENT TO YOU…… “SHRED STIXX” The FIRST, wave-wakerider.*BUILT TO TAKE THE G’s to your feet. AND GET YOU SIDEWAYS!! I trully believe, SHRED STIXX will let people from California to Carolina get that sensation that makes surfers their own breed. Snowboarders kinda know, Wakeboarders kinda know, Skateboarders kinda know of this sensation. But there’s a reason surfing is the GRANDDADDY of them all, And only surfers really, truely know. AND YOU CAN TOO!! So please give us a call or Email us anytime for more information, questions or comments that you might have.


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