Team Supra Rider Bec Gange Wake World Interview

Bec wakeworld

Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Team Rider Bec Gange Interview's with Wake World.


WW: How is your summer going?

BG: My summer is going splendid (haha)! Nah, it's been pretty relaxing hanging out with family and friends again.

WW: Describe your best day of the summer so far.

BG: That's a difficult one. There has been too many good days. Camping over New Years was good fun; family and friends, beers and calm water all day. Couldn't ask for much more.

WW: What kind of competitions have you been involved with this summer?

BG: Been to a few South Australian (state) contests; Boardstock and Summerjam and have the World Cup and Nationals coming up in a couple of weeks.

WW: Where do you live in Australia?

BG: I live in Mildura, Victoria.

WW: How did you end up in wakeboarding?

BG: I actually loved single skiing and my brother wakeboarded. Long story short, we got a bigger boat, wake got bigger and then I learnt to jump the wake and fell in love.