Supra Cool Tattoo

Supra Boats @Supra_Boats owner Nic Saunders loves his Supra Boat so much, he decided to get this amazing Supra cool tattoo of his 2004 Supra Launch 22.   

Nic tells us _“__My boat is the love of my life (besides my wife). People always ask, what sort of boat do you have? I got sick of having to get out my phone and show them a picture so got a picture of it tattooed on my arm instead! __I have had my boat for just over a year and had my tattoo for about 3-4 months. I'm at the river any chance I get, I live in Australia so we get a pretty good summer. My favorite thing to do is wakeboard, but I'll do anything, wake surfing, knee boarding, anyone that knows me knows I'm all about getting out on the boat!"_

Thank you Nic for sharing your tattoo and for being such a loyal Supra Boats owner.