Sattelyte Wakeskates No Evil 2009

Wu Tang tips: higher elevated kicktails, for slaying flip tricks, and wowing babes in the boat. Coffin Concave: Bury your feet in the heart and soul of this deck. Plytte layer 2.0: 20 plys of wood. Century Glue: this glue is going to withstand the test of time, and keep your shit tight. Doctored nose and tail: The only way to get a more symmetrical nose and tail is to pay a Hollywood plastic surgeon. Cruise Base. Don't worry about tripping up. WRC application: a water resistant coating applied to all boards, so you don't get soft wood. RAD-i-CAL walls: You decide your level of RAD, in this case it's a 45. You're getting a 45-degree radial sidewall.