O’Brien Wakeboards Player 138 2004

January 1, 2004

Name: Daniel Watkins
Age: 26 Years riding: 10
Height: 6¿ Weight: 175
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Board: Player 138

Sticker placement strategy: Major sponsors to the tip and tails


Foot size: 11 Binding size: Large
Goofy or regular: Regular

Width of stance: Wide as possible ¿ more comfortable and closer to the board for grabs

Stance angles: Little ducked


Binding style: Exit 13

Fins: None

Rope length: 80 feet


Handle of choice: Advantage Diamond Grip

Annual board consumption: A few

Choice of lubrication: Whatever


Slider of choice: A-frames are fun.

Best way to carry all your stuff: In your hand and sometimes under your arm.

What type of rider would like your board? Anyone who loves to ride for fun.

What board changes did you make for this year? Graphics

How will those changes affect how the board rides? Makes you look way cooler.

What performance characteristics do you look for? Good pop, tracks well and lands soft

Sponsors: O¿Brien, Rip Curl, Tige, Wake design, Reef, Spy, Performance, Clarion Marine Audio


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