Liquid Force Trip 134 2007

The legend returns. Gregg Necrason and Jimmy Redmon have gone for it again… they’ve created another explosive ride with the new Trip. The design has taken the best of the original Trip and added modern day advancements which make this rocket ship board a blast for anyone to ride! Gregg Necrason is the team veteran. He helped design and introduce the world’s first six fin board, the Trip, into the public eye at X-Games ‘97. Every board designed since then has grown from this simple foundation. The new Trip is a modernized version of the classic…built for speed, and made for fun!

Variable Edge Rail

-Rolled edge through the midsection becoming sharper as it moves forward towards the tips. Forgiving, catch-free through the middle, hard-cutting and fast on the tail.


D.I.S.C. Hull

-Double Inside Single Concave – This softens the landing while maintaining the board speed.

Modern Bat Tail


-Fuller than the original for more lift off the tail of the board and tucked in the tips for quick transitions.

Aggressive, continuous rocker

-Smooth, fluid carves with awesome pop.


Low Volume Rails

-Faster on edge, deeper in turns

Molded-In Warped Long Based Side Fins


-Superior tracking hold with minimum drag and slider strong.


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