Liquid Force Henshaw Comp 2007

Henshaw’s pro-model vest looks as solid as his style behind the boat and performs just as tight. We utilized proven Team vest attributes and added superior flexibility by segmenting the chest panel plus the softer EVA foam back gives you increased upper body movement. The straps have been nearly hidden by redesigning the openings closer together for hassle free mobility. Along with the new Liquid Tunes pocket that allows you to rock your MP3s, it will have you wondering how you ever sported anything else.

Competition Style

-Thinner than CGA allowing even more freedom of movement.

Liquid Tunes Pocket

-A specifically designed pouch for your MP3 player.

Anatomical Shoulders

-Fluid movement built for your body.

Oversized Arm Holes

-Extra space and comfort for added mobility.

Heavy Duty Zipper

-Secure solid hold.

Mesh Drain Holes

-Releases water for light weight function.

Single Hidden Strap

-Clean and simple. No snags on handle passes.