Liquid Force Subjekt 137 2004

Name: Shane Bonerfay the Pointless K.I.D.
Age: 19 Years riding: 8
Height: 5¿5¿¿ Weight: 145
Hometown: Lake Alfred, Florida

Board: Subjekt

Sticker placement strategy: None

Goofy or regular: Goofy

Width of stance: One from all the way out.

Annual board consumption: Four

Choice of lubrication: Pina Colada butt lotion

Slider of choice: Any

Best way to carry all your stuff: Girlfriend

Trick of the trade: Like you didn¿t know (Tootsie Roll)

What type of rider would like your board? All

Sponsors: Liquid Force, Jet Pilot, MasterCraft, Capix, Spy