Inland Surfer IS 4-Skim Black Pearl Yellow 2009

With a flair for the dramatic, the Black Pearl yellow comes in a beautiful black metallic metal flake and a big yellow logo. The board delivers snappy turns, great down the line speed and a shape that can spin for days. It comes with a 1' fin located in the center of the tail but you have the option to add two more. Run the board as a tri-fin, dual-fin or single- fin. Just like all Inland Surfer boards, it's constructed with the durable Epoxy Infused Technology, laminated Wood-Loc system which makes it super rigid for such a thin board and it'll fit in any board rack. It features a full EVA deck to keep your feet planted and a rear kick to push your airs to new heights. At a mere 5 lbs, the board can be easily hucked into ollies, shovits and big spins.