CWB Absolute Platinum 2004

Name: Zane Schwenk
Age: 28 Years riding: 12
Height: 5¿7¿¿ Weight: 180
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Board: Absolute 141 CWB

Sticker placement strategy: Big, bold and easy to read


Foot size: 9 Binding size: Medium
Goofy or regular: Both

Width of stance: Out all the way for stability

Stance angles: Not sure


Stance relative to board: On the board

Binding style: Dual-lace Boss — comfy and secure

Fins: .75¿ middle and molded


Rope length: 78.5 feet ¿ good on the X-Star wake

Handle of choice: Proline Clutch — grippy gummy rubber

Annual board consumption: Four


Choice of lubrication: Bareback, no lube

Slider of choice: PVC for me

Best way to carry all your stuff: Have someone else do it.

What type of rider would like your board? Hard cutting that wants tons of pop and smooth landings.

What changes did you make for this year? Top shape, angled fins in and cupped molded fins.
How will those changes affect how the board rides? More nose height and greater pop.

What performance characteristics do you look for? Good tracking and smooth, consistent pop

Sponsors: CWB, MasterCraft, No Fear, Spy, GM-Vortec