Calabria Boats

Following our decades old tradition of manufacturing only the finest world-class tow-boats, Calabria has mastered the art of innovation and engineering excellence like no other. When you look at a Calabria you will notice that details are what set us apart. Immediately, you will realize that you are gazing upon the best luxury-class competition wakeboard and ski boats. The technology and innovation implicit in each Calabria defines our industry. There are several firsts in the Calabria lineup. First to introduce our revolutionary patent pending PureVert Wake System. First to perfect an under-floor fuel cell, a convertible backseat / sun deck and our 100 percent composite HLS Liner System. Calabria's outstanding manufacturing history has resulted in numerous accolade including the Ski Boats of the Year and Engineering Excellence Award's. Due to our forward thinking mentality, Calabria Boats have also been the featured tow-boat in championship tournaments such as the US Open, the US Water Ski Nationals, the INT National Championship, the US Water Ski Team Trials, the South East Asia Games XIV, and many more. Despite all of the industry acclaim, what is most important to us is what is most important to you-the family, the friends and the good times on the water. Those are the experiences that are unlike any other in life and that is why we build our boats the way that we do. If you are wondering why our brochure is a little smaller than out competition, just take a look at our boats and you'll see where our priorities are focused. Sincerely, The Engineers and Employees of Calabria Boats

CALABRIA MANUFACTURER PROFILE OVERVIEW When Bob Jessen was selling boats in Colorado and California in the '80s, he was doing it as a way to stay on the water. As a hardcore competitive slalom skier, he said it was like an addiction. He eventually bought the assets of an existing boat company because as he says, "I saw building boats as a way to feed my addiction. I knew water-sports was where I wanted to be, and this was a way to do it." Jessen modestly admits to probably spending the most time on the water "of any boat guy I know." Calabria, under Jessen's leadership, started in 1994. He says coming from a sales background he wanted a boat company where the boat could sell itself. Consequently, Jessen says Calabria's goal is to build a boat with a lot of innovations and one that stands out from the rest. "We don't care about being the biggest, but we want to be the most innovative," Jessen adds. CONSTRUCTION Innovations are visible throughout the boats, and proof of Calabria's commitment comes in the form of two patents issued within the last year: one for its PureVert™ wake system, which distributes 700 pounds of water ballast over two-thirds of the boat's running surface in a quick 45 seconds without the need for above floor tanks or compromising storage space in any way. The other patent is for its Sky Ski extended slotted platform. Four years ago Calabria brought another innovation to the market - forward-mounted fuel cells that allow for incredible amounts of storage in the rear of the boat. ENGINES Calabria uses MerCruiser engines throughout its line and takes full advantage of their more than 7,000 certified service centers worldwide. DEALERS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE Calabria says its customer service is based around the dealer, but Jessen notes it is imperative to him at the factory that the customer will be 100- percent satisfied with the boat he purchases. "The bottom line is we do almost anything to take care of our products and our customers." Interestingly, the company doesn't encourage dealers to option the boats after market. Calabria prefers that all options are built in at the factory. National Brand Manager Tommy Lopresto adds that Calabria only builds highly custom, high-performance wakeboard and ski boats. "We don't have a cookie-cutter style philosophy, each boat is specified by the dealer and/or customer. We don't manufacture stock, everything that is produced is built to order. The last thing we want are boats sitting around under shrink wrap for any period of time. Once the boats are perfect and fresh out of production, they are delivered." STANDARD WARRANTY COVERAGE • Deck/Hull/Stringer Lifetime, transferable • Gelcoat 12 months • Engine/Drive Train 12 months • Components Vendor specific • Instrumentation Vendor specific • Upholstery 2 years • Carpet 5 years • Labor Shop rate provided their work is guaranteed. COMPONENTS GELCOATS: CCP gelcoat sprayed to 25 mils +- .002. All graphics are in-gel. RESINS: McWhorter Resin. BULK LAMINATES: Composite Laminates. REINFORCEMENT: Steel laminants for backing plates for engine mounts. MOTOR MOUNTS: 1/2-inch steel plates laminated on the back side of the HLS liner system. Drilled and machine tapped. Provides through-bolt technology. FLOORS: HLS liner system one-piece, hand-laid fiberglass liner encompasses stringers, ballast system and floor. STRINGERS: Composite adhesives bond liner to hull then wet-bonded around entire perimeter. ASSEMBLY: Shoebox fit with two-part mechanical and chemical fastening. Stainless-steel rivets and wet-bonded chemical fastening process. DRIVE TRAIN: Marine Hardware shaft 1-1/8-inch stainless nautilloy 17, Magnesium bronze struts with six through bolts and dual bearings, three standard skegs with four through-bolts. CONTROLS: Teleflex; Morse rack-and-pinion steering; tilt steering. STEERING WHEEL: Uflex. GAUGES: Borg Warner 5-inch digital, servo driven. CARPET: 40-oz. Syntec Marine Carpet. UPHOLSTERY: Nautolex treated with PreFixx for UV, puncture, abrasion and mildew protection. Multi-density, reticulated dry-foam seats.