How To Land A Wrapped Backside 360

In this wakeboard how to, Kyle Rattray shows you how to land a wrapped backside 360.

When cutting in, don’t hold the wrap handle too close. You do not want slack in the rope between the handle and the wrap handle. If there is slack when you let go of the wrap handle to spin, there will be no line tension for a moment, and then you will get a big jerk from the rope when it tightens. Cut into the wake keeping the handle in the small of your back and hold onto the wrap handle wherever it is. Don’t pull it in closer to you, and keep the line tight between the two handles.

Cut into the wake in the wrapped position the same way you would for a normal wake jump. Once you come off the wake and feel your tail release, allow yourself to rise up to the top of your jump. Once you’re at the peak of your jump, release the wrap handle with your front hand and begin to lead the spin with your head by looking over your back shoulder. Once the rope has unwound you and you’ve spun a 180, the rope will be in your back hand. Think about keeping the handle still and use the tension in the rope to allow you to swing your front hip back toward the handle — like you’re closing the gap between the handle and your front hip. While closing the gap between your front hip and the handle, also think about bringing your front hand back onto the handle. Simply reaching for it and going through the motion of bringing your front hand back to the handle will also help finish the spin.