The Tantrum to Blind

Rider: Johnny King
Level: Advanced

Again, you want to have a good wake-to-wake tantrum to do this move. Do a normal tantrum, and as you're coming down and spotting the landing, move your head and chest toward the opposite shore. It's important to look directly at the shoreline toward which you are moving to get your body upright and ready to ride this one away. At first, it may be easier to try to land wrapped instead of passing the handle, as Johnny does here.

Rider's Tip:
Tantrum to blind seems to be a super-inconsistent move even for the best pros, so if you don't land it the first 20 times, don't give up. Try to keep the handle low upon takeoff and during the move, so that when it comes time to make the blind rotation, all you have to do is turn your wrist over in the small of your back and twist your body. If you keep the handle high, it will tend to pull you over onto your butt when you hit the water.