The Scarecrow

Rider: Chris Andrews
Level: Intermediate

Some riders like to do a scarecrow by edging all the way through the wake. But the basic way to learn a scarecrow is to start from 20 feet outside the wake and cut hard on your toeside edge, with plenty of weight on your front foot. As you get about halfway in, start coming off your edge and standing up tall as the board goes flat. The most important part is to ride all the way up the wake before trying to do the move; once you do, your board will start to pop behind you in the direction of the move. Then, simply turn your back shoulder in toward the boat and keep your eyes open, and the move almost completes itself.

Rider's Tip:
Think about pushing straight up off the top of the wake with your toes. This will ensure that you wait until you are airborne before you try to turn your back shoulder in toward the boat to initiate the rotation.