The Raley to Blind

Rider: Shaun Murray
Level: Advanced

The Raley to blind starts out easy but obviously gets difficult toward the end. Although it looks like a power move that you just need to hang onto, finesse is actually the key to landing it. Start by taking a good, progressive cut from as far outside the wake as possible. Keep equal weight on both feet and stand tall all the way through the wake, letting the board swing behind you evenly for a good Raley. Instead of pulling your body back down with both hands and then trying to turn to blind, though, you actually start the handle pass from the inverted position. Pull your front hand all the way behind you to your back hip as you are starting to come down. Keep your head and chest up and moving toward the shoreline, not at the water.

Rider's Tip:
If you're having problems riding this one out, try moving your back in toward the boat as you are coming down to land. Landing with a little weight on the heels is easier than trying to land on your toes and having the handle pop out every time.