The Hoochie Glide

Learn a Hoochie Glide

Rider: Julz Heaney
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Get out wide, but don't think, "I'm going to grab a Raley," the hoocie glide is a little more mellow-type cut. Build your edge into the wake and jump straight up, just like you would if you were on a snowboard half pipe or even on a trampoline. As you go up, reach behind you with your front hand and grab the board in between your heels. Try to keep the rope tight, but not jerking you. Don't ever look behind you to get the grab, which is a recipe for a crash. It helps when you're learning the hoochie glide to push the board back underneath you so that you'll have plenty of time to land.

Rider's Tip:
Try to be neutral at the top of the wake, with your weight placed evenly on both feet, so you'll pop straight up and won't get the handle jerked out of your hand. Remember: You don't want to try and hold on to a Raley with one hand!