Problem Solver/Toeside 360

April 2, 2000

The Correct Way
The key to doing big, controlled toeside 360s, either frontside or backside, is riding all the way up through the top of the wake with both hands on the handle, standing tall and remaining on edge. For the frontside 3, really try to delay the spin so you go up first and totally come off the wake. Once airborne, pull the handle in to your trailing hip with two hands to initiate the spin while keeping your chin up and eyes looking at the horizon. Whether you land wrapped or pass the handle before landing, make sure you spot the water and try to land edging away from the boat.

Problem #1
Spinning Too Early
The most common mistake people make when they try toeside spins is that they start turning their board as they come up the wake. This throws their axis off and makes it very hard to stay upright. Feel the edge of the board all the way through the wake before you try to rotate.

Problem #2
Changing Edges


Another mistake is coming off your toeside edge and actually taking off on your heels. This will “buck” you coming off the wake, making you land flat and causing you to slip out and crash on your butt.

Problems #3
Throwing The Spin

Some people don’t lead the trick with their heads. They try to throw their board, but they can’t follow through because their heads are not leading the way. Your body will go where your head leads it.


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