Problem Solver/Tantrum

April 2, 2000

The Correct Way

The tantrum is one of the first and easiest inverts to learn. The rotation is easy because you can spot the water early, like doing a back flip on a trampoline. The only part that I find hard for people to master is the edge change.The whole key to this trick, and for that matter, any trick, is the cut. Unlike a wake jump, a spin or most other inverts, this trick is not done with a progressive cut. You actually have to cut hard out in the flats and then back off two-thirds of the way in, let go with your back hand, stand tall and ride up the wake. Keep the rope tight so that you will rotate around it. This combination of speed and edge change is the mechanism that sends you up and over.

Problem #1


Throwing It Too Early
Many people think that they must throw their head and arms back to get the rotation for a tantrum.They pop their back hand off the handle, throw their head back and never even make it up the wake. You need to ride all the way up the wake to get the lift so that you have the time to rotate.

Problem #2

Not Standing Tall
Others cut so hard and squat down so low that they can’t stand back up when they hit the wake. Get your speed but don’t get your panties in a wad on your cut. Hitting the wake in a crouch will make you absorb the energy of the wake, and you will not go up very high.


Problems #3

Not Coming Off Edge
If you are feeling all sketched out and your board is not coming around, it’s probably because you are edging too long through the wake. In order to get the board to stop, you have to back off your heelside edge and actually hit the wake with a little toeside edge. This causes the board to go up and over your head, not through the wake and then around the back.


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