Problem Solver/Raley

April 2, 2000

Obviously, the normal Raley has gone by the wayside in the past few years. Whether it was the tour format or the New Crew article, the old “mule kick” got no play (and it shouldn’t have for the pros). But it’s still one of the moves that every aspiring rider wants to learn, and the basis for a lot of the new moves we’ve seen this year: 313, toeside Raley 360, double S-Bend, etc. Thankfully, throwing a normal Raley doesn’t cut it in competition anymore because it just isn’t that hard for the pros. As for the average rider looking to get better, you’ll have to perfect a normal Raley if you ever want to progress to harder versions of the move.


Mistake #1: Cutting too hard, too soon then letting off and hitting the wake flat.


Mistake #2: Trying to “throw” the move off the wake. This makes the rope slack at takeoff and makes it very difficult to pull the board back down under you.

Mistake #3: Stargazing. Pushing too hard off your back foot and twisting in the air.



Solution: Drift in slowly, edge as you approach the wake, and hold your hardest edge all the way through the wake.

Solution: Use the load of the line and resistance against the wake to get the board up and behind you.

Solution: Push off the wake with equal weight on both feet as you ride up the top.


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