The key to coming in switchstance is the progressive edge. Really exaggerate the movement into the wake and remember: On a front flip you want to edge into the wake with more weight your rear leg. Stand tall and keep the handle at your hips. Pulling on the handle will cause you to roll your front flip toward the boat especially when you're coming in switch. Now, like a front flip, do a true cartwheel pushing your lead shoulder down and your rear shoulder up. Just as you reach the peak of your rotation, let go with your lead hand and pull the handle through your trailing hip and into the small of your back. This will force your body to spin into the blind position. With your free hand reach for the handle, turning your head toward the horizon to spot your landing. When riding and landing blind, the handle is going to want to pull you back into the wake so you want to compensate for that by leaning more forward with your shoulders. Keep the handle in tight, but if you feel like you're going to fall throw your shoulders forward and push the handle down low.