Grab Bag/Nose Grab

At first sight the nose grab seems to be just another rendition of an old favorite. In reality, though, the appropriate handling of the nose is something we rarely see on the water today. Apparently, executing a smooth nose grab without looking like you're messing your baggies seems to be a lost art. Fortunately, we are a proponent of the arts and are here to breathe some style into all who heed these words. Remember that if your friends in the boat say you look like you are in "stinky position," then you are doing it wrong. In the long run, the rewards will far outweigh the heckling.
Make sure you have a smooth and progressive approach to the wake. As you hit the wake, extend your legs, making the most of your pop and taking your lift up and not out. As you come off the wake, bend your knees up and in front of you and reach down with your leading hand to grab your nose. Make sure you grab solidly on the nose; no "smelan" grabs accepted. To execute a stylie nose grab, your chest should be up and facing all of your friends in the boat, and you should poke your back leg out and down like Chuck Norris taking out someone's kneecap.