Backside Roll

Begin on your heelside edge and take a progressive approach into the wake, standing as tall as possible to ensure maximum lift. As you leave the wake, push the board up and away from the boat. Imagine being in a tube with the board going completely around the tube; your hips and handle are the center point of the rotation.
Chris illustrates this well in photos 2, 3 and 4. It's very important to keep the handle at your hips from the time you leave the wake until the point of landing. Three-quarters of the way through your rotation, give the handle an extra tug toward your hips. This will bring the board back under you for the landing. Look at the horizon for orientation. If you are having trouble sticking your landing with two hands on the handle, try letting go with your rear hand as you come around for the landing. This will help stop the rotation and balance your axis.