Upgrade Your Boat

Times have changed, and today, more is better. More riders means more weight, more weight means a fatter wake, etc., etc.. With all the gear that gets piled into the boat, and water bags often replacing the backseat, it's sometimes hard to find a place to sit down. If comfortable seating in your boat is a problem, check out these products:
Jumpseats are the bomb. Nautique makes some super custom ones, but for the do-it-yourselfers, these aren't like building a super-conducting magnetometers. After a full day of sitting on one of these, rather than on the boards, or on the floor with no back rest, you'll be convinced. They fit perfect along the engine cover and can be easily removed for chillin' on the dock. (Contact your local dealer about the availability of jumpseats for your boat.)
Racks are a blessing for boats carrying lots of boards. With a rack installed on your boat, it keeps the floor space free of clutter. This allows you freedom to move around comfortably, while creating space for additional seating. Several different styles of racks are available, so do some research and find out which system will work best for you. Dean Lavelle uses side mounted Yakima ski racks, which work great, but he also has a Nautique Flight Control Tower. Tim Martin uses Pile On racks, which mount on any extended pylon, and can be used with a bimini. Pile On racks hold up to four boards, up high, and out of the way. Bow mount racks are also available, so no matter what kind of boat you have, you should be able to find something that works.